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Who Review – Kill the Moon

It’s TARDIS time, Evil Geeks! Last week we got a comedic romp through Coal Hill School as Clara and Danny got a little closer and Danny meets the Doctor for the first time.  Clara began taking her first steps away from the Doctor in The Caretaker; she starting to see a life with Danny as much better alternative to a life spent constantly running from danger with someone she seems increasingly distanced from. If that’s not a heavy enough load to deal with, Courtney Woods, a student from Coal Hill School where Clara works, has not only found out about the Doctor, but she’s also tagging along with him and Clara on adventures. Their latest adventure takes place just after Courtney is told by the Doctor that she’s “not special”, which has caused her to be depressed and is affecting her grades. Where would you think would be a good place to take a teenager who needs a little pick me up? How about the Moon in the year 2049…just when it’s about to hatch?!?!

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