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Kevin Wada’s She Hulk (Vol. 3) Covers

With the newest She-Hulk series recently ending I thought it would be a perfect time to highlight the beautiful Kevin Wada artwork that graced all 12 of its covers. His style was a perfect fit and went a long way to humanize Jennifer Walters but still making her appear larger than life. We can only hope Marvel reassigns Wada to a new project in the not too distant future. Perhaps one with interiors? Hell, I’d settle for a fashion guide to the Marvel Universe. With Secret Wars and Battleworld on the horizon nothing is truly out of the realm of possibility.



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The Majesty Of Kevin Wada (Part 2)

There was so much beautiful Kevin Wada art available that I had to break it into two articles. Really, this is just scratching the surface too. Wada’s technique is filled with such style and class that it elevates it past the comic book medium. He currently is bringing his unique design aesthetic to the covers of She-Hulk, but with that series wrapping up shortly he’ll be available for (hopefully) another monthly comic. What title do you think he’s best suited for?





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The Majesty Of Kevin Wada (Part 1)

Not too long ago I became smitten with the work of Phil Noto around the same time I was also introduced to artist, Kevin Wada. Wada is most recently known for his exquisitely painted covers for the Charles Soule written She-Hulk series. As I did some more research I fell in love. He strives for some forward thinking fashion designs on many well known characters, especially in the X-Universe. Redesigning their looks and resulted in new fresh takes on the characters that seemingly affected their attitudes as well. Take a look for yourself.



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