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Pilot Error – Clerks


Recently, I’ve been stumbling onto more and more pilots to TV shows that never got off the ground. And much like the shows that actually make it to production, these pilots vary wildly in quality. I’ve begun seeking out some of the most unusual, most infamous, and most elusive of these to break them down for you kind folks at home, maybe even offer my own insight as to why these shows never made it.

The first entry in this series is one that I only discovered a few weeks back, although it was made 20 years ago, in that dark age of culture known as the 1990s.

When I think of the 90s, what comes to mind is a sea of gaudy patterns and neon against flannel. The art from that era, in my opinion, is in most cases only worthy of appreciation in an ironic sense. Sure, there are many exceptions that have stood the test of time, but I was there. I don’t just get to appreciate the gold that has lasted 20 years. I know that for every Jurassic Park there was a Congo.  And one time there were dueling volcano disaster movies.

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The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 9: Nerdy Travel


Day nine of our 12 Days of Geeks-Mas are gift ideas that will finally get your geek out of the basement and away from Warcraft for a couple of days… In all seriousness, there are some really great locales out there that will satisfy that special nerd in your life (and that you’ll probably think are pretty cool too!) So go ahead, give the gift of travel!


New York Comic Con
I’m not sure if you remember or not, but this whole website of ours started because of our countdown to New York Comic Con this past year. Over the past few years NYCC has grown bigger and bigger and in my opinion will soon become the East Coast equivalent of San Diego CC. So what makes NYCC so special? Simply Everything! Seriously, in a 4 day period you are bombarded with (but not limited to) the following: Vendors, Cosplayers, Video Games, Movie/TV Announcements, Comic Book Panels, Autograph Signings, Celebrity Sightings, and so much more! Plus its in the city that never sleeps, so when the con closes its doors at night you can have a kick-ass time in Manhattan in general. This past year C-Mart and I caught a Nerdist show on Friday and then partied like Stormtroopers at the official NYCC Star Wars-Themed after party! If you’re curious about NYCC then check out our earlier posts in October or click here for our official photo gallery.


Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash
One place that I’ve wanted to go for awhile is a little comic shop in Jersey dubbed The Secret Stash. I hope that you’ve heard of it, if not then you should check out AMC’s Comic Book Men. I’ve been a big fan of the Stash ever since I heard about it like 10 years back and always wanted to get out there and just haven’t made my way to Red Bank quite yet, but its on my bucket list for 2013.

The Secret Stash

Taiwan Batcave
So a friend sent this to me a few weeks back and I just want to go so bad! Basically there is a motel in Taiwan that has been made to resemble the Batcave, and best of all its only $50 (US Currency) a night! Granted you have to go to Taiwan to stay in this pad, but hell… its friggin’ worth it! This ones on my bucket list too, but might take me a few more years to get to. If you have a bat-fan in your fam, then make sure you let them know about this gem of a home away from home.


Harry Potter Studio Tour
In the past decade we got to see one of the most entertaining and well done fantasy epics ever get made into a series of eight films and rather than just scrapping all of the Harry Potter sets, Warner Brothers decided to leave them standing and create a tour for all the Potter fans out there! Imagine actually getting to see all the ins and outs of Hogwarts up close? Universal Studios created a Harry Potter part of their theme park in Florida, but the tour in London is the actual stage that the actors performed on. So if your geek is a Potter fanatic, this would be the perfect gift!

Harry Potters Studio Tour


Heading to NYC anytime this year?  Maybe for a certain funny book related convention?  Ever felt like seeing where Avengers took on the Chitauri in the movie?  Want to swing by the Daily Bugle?  Then check out Celebrity Planet’s Superhero Tour of New York!

Hmmmmm... the attendants at this garage look a little shady.

Hmmmmm… the attendants at this garage look a little shady.

The walking tour will take you past the real locations from tons of comic related movies as well as real life comic landmarks such as the offices where Bob Kane created Batman!  Among other highlights are stops at the Flat Iron Building, which subs as the Daily Bugle in the Spidey movies, various locations from the Men In Black movies, the Chrysler Building (a regular Spidey hang out) and may others!  Hey, maybe if you’re lucky, the tour will conclude with the Green Goblin hurling someone from the tour group off of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Remember to come back tomorrow for The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 10: Geek Chic

Seasons Greetings Nerds!

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Fatman on Batman: The Dini Dossiers

Afternoon Nerds…
“Happy Batman Day” to you!

The Best Damn Animated Show Ever...

The Best Damn Animated Show Ever…

To finish our day devoted to “The Bat” I’d like to do another shout-out to one of the best Bat-related things out there right now…Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman! If you’ve followed us for awhile, this may sound familiar to you from an earlier entry in the fall, but Mr. Smith has returned for a Volume 2 of this wonderful podcast series in which he gets a bat-related guest and dishes all things Batman. Previous guests have included Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Ralph Garman, Walt Flanagan, Mark Hamill, and a slew of others!
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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 27

Hey there Evil Geeks!  The end of Novembeard is steadily approaching, but we’ve got so much more beard action left to go that we’re going to have to start grouping them together.  Today we’re saluting not one beard, but a collection of beards cultivated across various media.  Today we’re taking a look at the beards of The Askew-niverse!

In case you’re not in the know, The Askew-niverse is the shared universe between the majority of film maker Kevin Smith’s movies (otherwise known as the Jay and Silent Bob movies).  His more recent films are no longer set in thsi universe, but his early work is all a part of the world he’s created.  The universe is called the Askew-niverse, becasue Smith’s production company is called View Askew.  The films taking place in this universe are: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and finally the series is book-ended by Clerks 2.  If you love comedy and aren’t familiar with these movies, then I highly recommend you check them out in the order that I just listed.  They are among my favorites and I can watch any one of them pretty much any time. Smith has started to move away from film-making to concentrate on other projects, mainly his podcsting empire, which I also recommend checking out, specifically Hollywood Babble-On and Fatman on Batman.  Hilarious, entertaining, informative, and FREE!  What more could you ask for?

Among the beards in the Askew-niverse, Smith himself leads the way, maintaining an impressive amount of facial coverage for his character Silent Bob as well as for his own personal life.  He’s the captain of the ship, El Presidente, the Head Honcho, so he must maintain a stately and regal appearance.  This beard is responsible for commanding a media empire!  Sure he’s mainly talking about Batman, Star Wars, or his willingness to perform fellatio on an attacker in order to escape a life threatening situation, but damn it, the boss is the BOSS!

Smith’s right hand man in the majority of his film endeavors, Scott Mosier also sports a mightily impressive facial forrest as well.  Mosier co-host Smith’s first podcast which is still running to this day, SModcast and he has small roles in the Askew-niverse films as well.  Here’s Mosier in Clerks as Willam aka Snowball:

Oh heeeyyy man…you work here now?

Another well known beard in Smith’s world is that of his long-time friend Brian Johnson.  Johnson is currently featured on AMC’s Comic Book Men, which is a reality show set inside the comic shop owned by Kevin Smith and run by another long time Smith friend, Walt Flanagan.  If you don’t know which guy on the show Brian is, you’ll know him as soon as you see his gargantuan, Alan Moore-like beard.  Johsnon was also featured in a small but memorable cameo role in several Smith movies as “Steve-Dave”, one half of the recurring pair of comic book geeks who show up several times throughout the series (the other half of the duo being played by Flanagan).


Smith has even featured the greatest beard on the comedy world in Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  A beard known for caustic, scathing, yet smart and insightful comedy.  A legend no only in the beard world and the comedy world, but also in the future world dominated by the music of Wyld Stallyns.  A beard gone of this world way to soon even though it survived to a ripe old age. THE George Carlin!

Anyone who’s seen this movie will never forget the rules of the Unwritten Book of the Road thanks to George Carlin.

These are only but a few of the beards populating the worlds of the Askew-niverse, but they are the most memorable and powerful of the bunch.  Beards to be admired and beheld!  It seems the Askew-niverse has been mothballed and put into storage, since Smith has decided to make one more film before retiring and moving on to other projects, but beards like these will not be confined to irrelevancy!  Maybe a higher power will intervene one day and we’ll end up with a new film (or dare we say a weekly TV show???) set in the world of Kevin Smith?

Buddy Christ blesses this post!

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What We’re Hyped Up For At The New York Comic Con

Hey now Evil Nerd network, we’re almost there!  We’re finally within a week of the event we’ve been waiting months for, the New York Comic Con!  There’s going to be so much to see and do throughout the whole weekend: Panels! Screenings! Signings! The Ben Folds 5 show!  We’re in no way expecting a shortage of interesting sights and experiences, but of course there are going to be somethings that The Evil Geeks are looking forward to doing/seeing/buying next weekend.  To get us pumped ahead of our favorite con, we’ll let the Evil Geeks tell you exactly what they’ve got on their hit lists for this years show.  And don’t forget to keep your eye on this page in the coming days to learn how you can win some free Brotherhood of Evil Geeks swag if you’re attending the show!  It’s sure to be an EVIL contest!!!!  Without further ado, here’s what the Evil Geeks can’t wait for:

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Comic Book Men at NYCC!

What up Nerds!
Word on the street is that the cast of AMC’s Comic Book Men and Kevin Smith will be at the New York Comic Con next week on Friday afternoon. Their panel is scheduled for 2:45 in the IGN Theatre. I have seen Mr. Smith a number of times and listen to him weekly on Fatman on Batman (Shameless Plug,) and I must say that he is fucking funny live. Gotta wonder if Walt will show us his Giant Size Man Thing!

Calm Your Batpole, Bitch!

NYCC is next weekend at the Javitz Center in NYC. Friday tickets are the only ones left! Get them while they last and find The Brotherhood and we just might have some sweet swag for you!

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