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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown: Our Dads Can Beat Up Your Dads Edition

Happy Father’s Day Evil Geeks! Dad’s come in all shapes and sizes. Geek culture is certainly in no short supply of classic father figures, whether good, bad or ugly, we got ’em all. It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Top 5 list so we thought what better time to do one than Father’s day? Consider this our tribute to all the nerd father’s out there.


5.) Norman Osborn


Genius, world class dick, criminally insane and a super villain, it would be difficult to keep Norman Osborn off this list. Well, Normy was never anyone’s notion of an ideal dad but he did pass his ridiculously strange hairline to his son Harry. Yes, Norman should have been a “better” dad, but in a very Hemingway-esque moment his wife died giving birth. That’s enough to resent your kid and lash out against him, right? It’s not, but I find Norman’s story to be an interesting one. If anything you can trace it back to his father, Ambrose the brilliant alcoholic who lost their family’s company and was down right abusive to them. Norman’s staying power within the Marvel U is no surprise, as he’s one of the most misunderstood, derided, twisted and fascinating characters. We just can’t seem to get enough of him.

If banging your son’s friend and spawning children, only to try kill her in a very public way (with Spidey inadvertently delivering the death blow) to cover up your secret and also traumatize your arch nemesis doesn’t scream dad of the year than I don’t know what does.


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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 9

Do you consider yourself a spiteful person?  Can you hold a grudge?  Do you think that if you had been slighted by a contemporary you would see fit to enact your vengeance years later on a different planet upon his adult son?  Then you may be perfect for the Kryptonian Army!  That’s right, gang! Today’s focus in our month-long beard spotlight is…

General Zod.


On the surface, it seems a bit odd that this perfect utopian society would allow a complete sociopath to attain (and keep) the rank of General… until you realize that our planet does this all of the time.

I’ve always been a huge Lex Luthor fan, but General Zod was arguably cooler in the movies.  He was just as powerful as Superman but lacked the perceived weakness of empathy, so he was fast on the track to be the uncontested ruler of Earth (excluding Australia) until Superman waylaid his plans of world domination with a sleeper hold.

Or maybe that was the Donner Cut?

Supes and Zod

Who’s kneeling now, bitch?

Seriously, though… it took this guy and and two friends around 48 hours to effectively take over the entire world. The President surrendered on behalf of the planet! And one of them had a severe learning disability! Even Zod and Ursa, while not mentally disabled, were shockingly naive about the customs of other planets than their own. These were not savvy invaders.  One could argue that Zod’s  strength, speed, and ability to fly are what made him a leader of men.  However, he did not have these attributes on his home planet when he attained the rank of General. No… It’s obvious that the true measure of a leader is the hair on his face.

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