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Ep 160 – In the Throne Room with the Evil Geeks



Praise the Seven, Evil Geeks, because this week we’re all about Game of Thrones! C-Mart, Undies of Wondy, and Evil Lair resident expert Zach P get together to talk season six of everyone’s favorite swords and dragons epic. From the first episode to the INSANELY explosive finale, the Evil Geeks analyze every major moment and prepare themselves for the long wait until season 7. It’s Tales From Westeros: The Podcast!

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Tales From Westeros – Season 6 – Episode 9 – Battle of the Bastards



Oh my oh my, is it a great week to be a Thrones fan. What’s up, guys its Zach P. and if you can’t tell I’m pretty excited about how this week’s episode turned out. Let’s dive right into the epic showdown that is “Bastardbowl”! I was excited to flex my military historian muscles a bit here, so enjoy. As always, spoilers are coming.

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Tales From Westeros – Mother’s Mercy


Hello all and apologies for the wait. And thus, another season has come and gone like the Dornish wind, as it howled on its way out. Before I get into things, I’d like to say I appreciate the opportunity to have reviewed these last few episodes for you lovely evil geeks, and you can look forward to some fan theories and character pieces that will keep you full up on Westerosi goodness during this hiatus. Now, on with the review.

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Tales From Westeros – The Dance of Dragons


This week’s episode was rough, guys. I thought this show had done it all to me after the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, the goddamn Beige wedding for all I care, but this week’s big death was pretty jarring for me. Of course it isn’t unlike Benioff and Weiss to save the big moments for the second to last episode of the season. I thought that perhaps this season’s penultimate would be a bit tamer than the last four. Boy was I wrong. Before we begin, we didn’t see any scenes from inside Winterfell or in King’s Landing this episode, so expect those for the finale. Really excited for the walk of shame on steroids. Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, massive spoiler warning.

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Tales From Westeros – Hardhome


“Hardhome” hits home….hard.

Throughout this season we have had something that we haven’t had in a while in Game of Thrones, being able to concentrate on four or five characters and their motivations and goals while also savoring all that inter-character banter. Granted, mostly because the characters we knew and loved in previous seasons are well…dead. This isn’t to say the new additions to the Thrones roster are unwelcome. This season’s tip of the hat at least for me has to go to the High Sparrow for heading the most well-mannered chapter of the Westboro Baptist Church I’ve ever seen. Other than that, we have a brand new unseen part of the world added in Dorne aka The Horniest Place on Earth. However, onto the episode. Or….the wrap up of last episode. Don’t judge me!

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Tales From Westeros – The Watchers on the Wall


HBO, and especially Game of Thrones, is known for penultimate episodes that deliver the biggest punches of the season. (See: Season 1, Ned Stark’s beheading; Season 2, the Battle of Blackwater Bay; Season 3, the Red Wedding.) Last Sunday’s “The Watchers on the Wall,” portraying the Battle of Castle Black, was no exception, and to be honest I have absolutely no idea how to write about it. It was an episode that nearly gave me a coronary—an hour of expertly choreographed, edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, heartbreaking battle. To paraphrase Special Agent Dale Cooper, it was damn fine television.

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