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Pulp Corner: Captain America, The Steranko Run


Legendary artist Jim Steranko did 3 issues of Captain America in 1969 directly coming off his groundbreaking run on Nick Fury. I’ve been waiting a long time to read this, it may only be 3 issues but there’s criminally little comic book output from Steranko and it’s worth pouring over. Stan Lee is on scripts here and the storylines are in step with his silver age zaniness but when the art is this good it doesn’t matter.

So what was I in for?

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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Silver Age Comic Covers

We’ve talked here about our favorite covers on many occasions in the past, but it’s time we showed a little respect to the books that set the stage for the comics on which we were raised and the ones we’ve found in recent years. So buckle up for a bombastic ballyhoo of the best and brightest sequential showcases the swinging sixties saw fit to print. Man, talking like Stan Lee is exhausting. No wonder he’s looked worn out for 50+ years now.

Stan Lee




Secret Six #1 , May 1968, Frank Springer

The cover of this debut issue is remarkable in that it’s also the first page of the actual story. I’ve always been fascinated with that notion, it’s not just some pin-up but in fact your first taste of the action. Sure, Secret Six was never one of DC’s hottest comics (certainly not in the Silver Age), but it’ll always have a place in history because of this cover.

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Cover Of The Day 11/3/14


I fell in love with this cover the first time I came across it. I had no idea who Valkyrie was or what she was returning from. All I knew was it was gorgeous Jim Steranko painted art chuck full of everything that appeals to me about the pulp genre. Turns out this cover was for a trade collecting the first five issues of the mid 1980’s rebirth of the Golden Age comics character Airboy.

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Pulp Corner: Steranko’s S.H.I.E.L.D.

After falling in love with Jim Steranko’s art work from afar I decided it was about time I check out his (criminally small) comics output on Marvel’s Nick Fury: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and later the first ever Nick Fury solo series. These have been packaged together many times, but might I recommend the trade paperback for S.H.I.E.L.D. by Jim Steranko: The Complete Collection which basically has ever scrap he’s ever touch on the subject bundled together but more importantly the art is restored to the proper coloring it was when it was originally published.


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Cover Of The Day, Pulp Edition


Our cover of the day comes to you courtesy of legendary artist, Jim Steranko. Mr. Steranko is definitely no stranger when it comes to the world of pulp. This was Issued in 2007 as the cover for a novel that collects 3 old school stories of The Spider, by the series main author Norvell W. Page. It’s got guns, robots, Steranko and the word Gotham in the title. What more could you need?

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Pulp Corner: The Concept Art For Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks is full of different personalities and different areas of interest, but if there is one thing we can all agree on it’s that Indiana Jones is badass. Oh and the fact that there have only been three movies made in the series. Nevertheless, I’m not sure how widely known these particular pieces are to our readership so I thought I’d spread the wealth.

These are four pieces of concept art for Raiders of the Lost Ark by artist Jim Steranko (best known in the comic world for his late 60’s work on Strange Tales and then Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D). At this point it seems Lucas and Spielberg already had a certain look and aesthetic in mind and my god does Steranko do an excellent job. These perfectly set the tone of what would come in the movie. Hell, the leap from horse to truck scene is right there (no doubt lifted from the Zorro Rides Again serial from the 1930’s).





For a character who already looked cool, this art makes him even cooler and more menacing. Each one of these looks like it could be the cover for any given badass old school pulp adventure story. It succeeds by doing what any good pulp art should do. When you look at it, you think anything could happen in this story. It’s full of undetermined exotic locations, intrigue and the feeling that nothing is off limits.

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