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What They Should Have Done: Jeepers Creepers


Oh what a busy past couple weeks it has been. I know you have all missed me, and to be honest, why wouldn’t you? Where else can you get such fine necromantically laced material for your reading and viewing pleasure? Pretty much nowhere. Once again, one of my fellow compatriots has taken over Horrors duties for this week which left me open to present to you another edition of what is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. While attending a wonderful dinner with the geeks and friends, Biff’s best gal Nobes reminded me of something that I had put into the back of my mind to visit someday. Now, before I get started, I would just like to say that I actually really enjoyed this movie and my opinions are based more in logistics than anything else. I, in no way, find this movie to be terrible, mainly because of the sheer lunacy involved with our main characters, and how this movie ended exactly the way it should have. Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to this bitch. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you the heralded next installment of “What They Should Have Done: Jeepers Creepers”.

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