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Ep 183 – Talking “My Roommate’s an Escort” with Katie Uhlmann, Trish Rainone, and Stephanie Baird

Hey now, Evil Geeklings! Today C-Mart and Undies of Wondy are talking comedy with Katie Uhlmann, Trish Rainone, and Stephanie Baird, the immensely talented cast and creative team behind the web series “My Roommate’s an Escort“. We discuss creating indie comedy, the subtle differences between Tim Horton’s Tim Bits versus Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins, as well as the bi-national love for Degrassi and so much more!

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Evil Movie Review: Under The Skin

I was super excited to watch this film and bring my review to all of you for a lot of reasons. Let’s see: Indy film, takes place in the UK, has Scarlett Johansen, aliens, and Scarlett as an alien! Really just tons of reasons to be stoked about this film. And yet it can all go wrong so quickly. Here’s my spoiler filled review and why I think this film really fell short, and quite frankly creeped the hell out of me!


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