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Free Comic Book Day 2015 Reviews – Part Five (And This Time It’s Personal)

Free Comic Book Day has arrived, boys and girls, and if you’re still not sure which books you want enveloped in your greedy little mitts, keep on reading…


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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Favorite Costumes (Redux)

Many moons ago we brought you a Top 5 list of our favorite costumes across various mediums. This time Biff and Martian Luthor Kang revisited the idea with a keen eye and a finer toothed comb.

Biff Tannen

5) Iron Man Armor (MK III)


Iron Man’s well known red and gold armor is a masterwork of sleekness and simplicity, but it never stood out to me. Maybe because it has existed for the entire time I’ve been alive. Yet when I dove back and saw him for the first time with that armor and the oh-so 1960’s horns on it, I knew I was looking at something special. Designed by the legendary Steve Ditko the horned look didn’t stick around long, but man do I wish it did.

Bonus: The original giant silver armor (MK I) and the original giant gold armor (MK II)

I completely get why these were redesigned especially since they seem so incredibly bulky, but I just love that vintage 1960’s Sci-Fi B-Movie look.


Tales of Suspense #040_Page_08_Image_0001

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Evil Geek Book Report – Copperhead Volume 1

The first arc of the new Image series Copperhead has come to a close. With a new trade out of the first five issues for $9.99 why wait?


Copperhead combines two genres that I love and are rarely seen together, Sci-Fi and Westerns. Although, Science Fiction in general seems to be blowing up right now in comics. Next time you’re at your local comic store look at all the Image series on the racks and you’ll find a heaping portion of outer space books, way more than a year or two ago. I adore Jonathan Hickman’s East Of West series which is another book that mixes those genres. Copperhead is different though. East Of West relies heavily on the Sci-Fi aspects but frames it as a Western where Copperhead feels very much like a Western in the truest sense that happens to have a background setting of space. The two series couldn’t be more different, but both of them are worth your time, energy and money. Hickman tends to deal in the complex and abstract and makes you work for it where Copperhead scribe Jay Faerber eases you and gets you comfortable immediately.

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The Things I Do For Comics – WildC.A.T.S. (Vol. 1) #1-4

In the early 90’s during the Image Revolution I was that comic book company’s prime target audience. Translation: I was young and dumb with some extra money to spare and easily swayed by shiny holofoil covers. All I cared about were how cool the comic books looked. Any time I didn’t understand the story, I just chalked it up to being too young. While Mr. Liefeld made quite an impression on me, it was Jim Lee’s work that I couldn’t get enough of. Loving his art on X-Men, I was thrilled to pick up his new creator owned series WildC.A.T.S.

Full disclosure, I owned a lot of WildC.A.T.S. issues from the 90’s, but was always so disappointed that after about issue #13 or so Jim Lee stopped drawing it. I would pick up issues hoping these were just fill in artists until he came back, which of course never really happened. That didn’t stop me from buying action figures (that were way too tall to coexist with X-Men ones) and even loving the WildC.A.T.S. cartoon from the same era. Recently, I decided to take up the task of re-reading the first 4 issues just to see what the hell was going on back then.


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Cover Of The Day 11/12/14


I am in love with this cover.

Despite the fact that I think Rick Remender is writing some of the best comic books today, I avoided this series at first. When I heard the plot described as “a high school for assassins” I didn’t think I’d find it appealing. Not only was I wrong, but that description doesn’t do it justice. The school is only a backdrop for a coming of age story, but more importantly not fitting in. I’d say even so much as the loneliness and isolation those high school years can bring for some people. In fact, in a weird way Breakfast Club comparisons wouldn’t be off base.  It’s much better than I thought it would be and with a lot more heart.

Wes Craig is on art duties for this book and he has brought own unique style to the series. It’s sharp and almost cartoonish in a way yet surprisingly full. Each issue too you can see him grow as an artist. All the covers thus far have had a very distinct feel, but the latest for issue #8 is in a division all by itself.  The bright, yet subdued colors and the Mexican Day Of The Dead motif really make this stand out on the shelves.

Deadly Class is still relatively new so it’s not too late to jump on this series and check it out for yourself.

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Pulp Corner: The Mercenary Sea Vol. 1

It’s a good time to be a fan of the pulp genre. There has been an explosion in the last few years covering many of the different styles that make it what it is. In my eyes there are basically two camps it can be boiled down to. The costumed vigilantes that grew out of The Shadow or the more Indiana Jones type adventurers that follow in the Doc Savage tradition. While Dynamite Entertainment is publishing endless streams of these golden age pulp characters (mainly of masked vigilante variety), Image Comics is putting out two very solid books which follow more of the traditional globetrotting fortune hunters. The first is Five Ghosts which I honestly can’t say enough about and the other is the reason you’re here, The Mercenary Sea.


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