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Ep 194 – It Talking!

Beep beep, Evil Geeks! Sometimes writing these little intros is hard. Days like today though, very, very easy. We’re talking the latest ITeration of the Stephen King kids vs clown classic, It! Join C-Mart, Undies of Wondy, and the Fassassin as we head to the sewers to talk this frightening film.

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Ep 141 – Talking Tales of Halloween with John Skipp and Andrew Kasch!


Hey Evil Geeks! It’s almost Halloween time and things are starting to get spookier than usual. Joining Big Evil, C-Mart, Greekimus Prime, and Undies of Wondy are John Skipp and Andrew Kasch, the brains behind “This Means War”, one of the shorts in the new horror anthology film Tales of Halloween; which was just released in theaters and on VOD on October 16th! We talk movies, the strange and fleeting popularity of the Guitar Hero franchise, plus a healthy dose of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow!

Jimmy Duval_Dana Gould Andrew Kasch_John Skipp Screamfest 2015

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All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. Please click on the “About” tab for our takedown policy.

The Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown: How to Survive a Horror Movie?

Hey Geeks!

It’s been a while since we did a top 5, but our friends at asked us what our ultimate list of items we’d need to survive a horror movie might be. Now that right there is an excellent question! In fact, so excellent that it takes more than one Evil Geek to give a great answer since there are all different types of movies in the genre, so keep reading to see what the Geeks need to survive!!!


I would like to start off just by saying that I am omitting the use of supernatural or magical means of surviving in a horror movie…mainly because that’s all I was going to use. I really did just want to lightning the fuck out of everything, but considering that most horror movies, with some exclusions, revolve around your everyday, normal human being attempting to overcome the odds, I will stick to just the usual means of survival…unfortunately. Counting down…

5.) Any type of bladed object

There is almost nothing as handy as solid steel in your hands when you’re involved in some sort of survival situation. Take Liam Neeson and those wolves. They show up in the middle of the night, kidnap his wife, and then start eating the souls of all the neighborhood children. He is left with no other choice but to murder them with extreme prejudice. Like, I’m saying he made up derogatory names for wolves….and they sounded pretty wolfist. A knife is going to be a pretty solid bet to ensure your heart remains beating well beyond whatever nightmare you currently find yourself in. It’s easily carried, handles pretty well, and can go easily in and out of rotting demon flesh. If you happen to have a sword, spear or axe in your possession, you chances of staying alive have almost infinitely expanded, just like the open chest cavity of whatever fell beast has dared to balk at you.

4.) Food

I actually debated on whether or not you would really need food in most horror movies, but in terms of a zombie apocalypse, fuck yes you will. If you are being chased by Jason Voorhees, grabbing a quick sandwich is most likely not on your mind, but trying to live in a world where almost every other person is trying to eat you, you’re going to need to find some grub. It’s a stark change in tactics when you are being hunted on a single night, maybe even two, as compared to when you have to make a living in a doomed world that has been stripped of nearly every goddamn twinkie, Baconator, and whatever else is considered food these days. I’d rather take Jason. Read the rest of this entry

Horror of Horrors: The Purge – Anarchy

It feels good to be home. I know I have been neglecting you as of late dear Horrors, but don’t think that I have completely forgotten. You are always on my mind. When I woke up this morning, I made a plan to do literally nothing all day, and it was a good plan. However, much like what happens whenever I decide to do nothing, I get pulled into something. This time, that something was a bit more violent than usual. After seeing the first Purge movie in the theaters a while ago, I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Why you ask? Well I’ll goddamn tell you.

purge 2

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Horror of Horrors: Contracted

You geeks ready to get zombified again? Cause Lilith here just checked out a unique zombie horror movie this week and can’t wait to tell you all about it. I am quite obsessed with zombies, and surprisingly not bored by the fact that the majority of those zombie novels and movies out there deal with the same predictable storylines or post-apocalyptic scenarios. That doesn’t mean that I don’t really appreciate someone who tries to approach the story from a different angle. And the movie Contracted did that in two ways: 1. The zombie virus was an STD; and 2. The story follows patient zero and ends when she has finally been fully zombified, before the actual zombie outbreak has occurred. I don’t know about you, but those are two angles I have never seen taken before with the zombie apocalypse before. So continue forward for my review of this unique movie, but beware of spoilers.


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Horror of Horrors: Oculus

oculus 1
Well if it isn’t you guys again. Welcome back everyone to another edition of Horrors. This time, I’m actually doing something a bit more current, but putting it under the Horrors tag because fuck you that’s why. I kid, I kid. This round I am bringing to you a look at the new film, now in theaters, starring Ms Amy Pond herself, Karen Gillan. There are some other people in there….but you guys know that I like to make up names for people based on their roles in the film…..because it’s funny to me. So with that out of the way, let’s get to the reviewing.

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