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Panel of the Day 2/13/15

There was a time, not too long ago, when your friendly neighborhood web-slinger Peter Parker was married to Mary Jane. Remember? They’ve been an item off and on for about 50 years now, but they finally tied the knot in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, and I’m sad to say that the following moment didn’t actually take place, it was just Spidey’s dream about his impending nuptials.


But it’s made me think that when I finally make an honest woman out of my girlfriend I want the Hobgoblin front and center at our ceremony. He doesn’t mince words, and I respect that in a man. Also, did Kraven bring the Lizard as his plus-one? I like to think so.

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Evil Geek Book Report – The Origin Of The Hobgoblin


I love 80’s Spider-Man comics. He was a character that I never had any interest in. Last summer that all changed when I picked up a trade called, ‘The Birth Of Venom’. I had wanted to learn more about Spidey’s spiffy black costume. Needless to say, I was floored. The trade strung together issues and isolated pages that pertained to the Alien Costume Saga as well as several of Venom’s first few appearances. I liked that Peter was no longer a High Schooler but not a full fledged adult; he was at an interesting point in his life that made for great situations. More importantly, I was very impressed with the writing and how every issue could be accessible to a new reader right away without it being dumbed down. The ability though to thread along subplots into the overarching storylines is what really sold me. They didn’t need to be wrapped up to fit into a trade paperback; they could go on for as long or as little as needed. It’s something of a lost art in the way modern comics are presented.

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