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Brovember Day 12 – Luke Cage and Iron Fist

In terms of comic bromances, there are few (if any) more celebrated than today’s honorees. The 1970s were one hell of a time to be reading comic books, and in the pages of Marvel’s magazines the authors, as they still do today, would look to the cinema for the sort of subject matter readers wanted. So, alongside timeless comics fare like men without fear and merry mutants you could expect to see a book about a kung-fu master or even a blaxploitation series that would somehow make Shaft blush.  And maybe… just maybe, you’d get both of those things in one title.

Power Man and Iron Fist

Power Man and Iron Fist

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Comic Book Panel of the Day 7/27/13

Whats’up Nerds!

It’s been awhile, but Big Evil is back and he’s got an awesome panel to share with you!

I know that everyone’s heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one here is worth a million! We all know that the Merc with a Mouth is a real wild and crazy guy but now he’s got some hip new threads to go with that attitude. Take a look see…


Make sure you check out Deadpool #13 for the whole story that includes your favorite Heroes for Hire!

Sweet Christmas Geeks!

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