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Transmissions from the Evil Lair Ep 242 – Blade Runner with Ken Reid

Today we’re taking our third trip into the alternate dimension known as the Hauer-verse, Evil Geeks and once again we’ve brought backup! Chris and Tom are joined by comedian Ken Reid of the TV Guidance Counselor podcast to talk about one of Rutger Hauer’s best known films and arguably one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made, Blade Runner.

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Horror of Horrors: What Lies Beneath

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you ghost lovers out there, this one is for you! I think by now all our readers know that Lilith here is crazy for creatures, star-struck with space travel, lusting over a few vampires, and fixated on zombies. But there is one genre out there that I just can’t muster the courage to get in to: ghost movies, books, and TV shows. I just can’t do ghosts, much like Indiana Jones can’t do snakes. I try to justify this insurmountable fear of mine by the fact that you can’t kill ghosts. If I was faced with other monsters I could hopefully bash in their brains to destroy them, shoot them with silver bullets to weaken them, or maybe even become one of them and in some cases I would be ok with that. But you can’t do any of that with ghosts, you just have to deal with their tormenting and torturing you in your own personal hell.


So moving on now to our topic today, a funny story about Lilith involves her taking her mother out to see a movie for her birthday while she was in college simply because it starred their favorite science fiction/adventure actor, Harrison Ford. Not knowing exactly what the movie What Lies Beneath was about, we figured we couldn’t go wrong with Ford, and were expecting some sort of science fiction, Minority Report type thriller based on the title and posters for the movie. What followed was a movie that will probably haunt me now for the rest of my life.

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Brovember 22 – Han Solo and Chewbacca

I am a little miffed that no one has chosen to talk about this epic bromance, but hey, that leaves it for your favorite female infiltrating the brotherhood. I guess we already spotlighted Harrison Ford in a different bromance, but I think we all wish we had a friendship as tight as Han and Chewie. These two get to ride around in the coolest piece of junk this side of the galaxy having a blast smuggling things behind the Empire’s back. Sounds a little Firefly doesn’t it? Well, obviously, Firefly stole this incredible idea and combination, since Star Wars is as classic as you come.


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Evil Movie Review: Ender’s Game (Counterpoint Edition)

Evil Geeks Ender’s Game reviews have been done to death, you say? Just who the hell do you think you are, buddy?  You’ve got an awful lot of nerve talking to me like that… now you’re gonna sit there and read this whole article and ENJOY it, just to see what a different take Arthur Harkness had from Lilith Assisi’s. – The Editor.


Why hello there my little kiddies! The time has come once again for your boy, Arthur, to go to the movies in a bid to crush out the deafening misery that is general existence. Shit, that sounded a bit more depressing than originally intended. Anyways, this week I was able to make it to the local Emerald cinema just in time to catch the latest book to movie adventure blasting its way onto my movie screen, Ender’s Game. I went into this with pretty high hopes as everyone who is familiar with the book has told me it is a great read, so I thought I would try the movie first since it looked pretty good and go to the book later. Well, not all things go as originally planned…..

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Evil Movie Reviews: Ender’s Game


Hello evil geeks, it’s time for me to follow up on something I promised you all. The movie Ender’s Game was released this past Friday, and as I promised several months ago I was there to see it opening weekend. I suggested the novel version to you sci-fi lovers a couple months ago, as I finally picked it up this summer and was blown away. I had heard about it via the trailer playing when I went to see the latest Star Trek movie. Naturally I was super psyched for the movie, but there have been some interesting developments since I last told you about this book. Warning: continuing forward will expose you to potential spoilers and my philosophical rants.

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Brovember Day 5 – Indiana Jones and Short Round

With the dawn of a new day comes a new installment of Brovember, and with a new installment of Brovember comes another legendary friendship. A friendship, in today’s case, between a grown ass College Professor/Adventurer/Obtainer of Rare Antiquities and a his Chinese orphan:

Indiana Jones and Short Round

Indiana Jones and Short Round 1

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