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Tales From Westeros – Hardhome


“Hardhome” hits home….hard.

Throughout this season we have had something that we haven’t had in a while in Game of Thrones, being able to concentrate on four or five characters and their motivations and goals while also savoring all that inter-character banter. Granted, mostly because the characters we knew and loved in previous seasons are well…dead. This isn’t to say the new additions to the Thrones roster are unwelcome. This season’s tip of the hat at least for me has to go to the High Sparrow for heading the most well-mannered chapter of the Westboro Baptist Church I’ve ever seen. Other than that, we have a brand new unseen part of the world added in Dorne aka The Horniest Place on Earth. However, onto the episode. Or….the wrap up of last episode. Don’t judge me!

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