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Evil Movie Review: Maleficent

Hello again to all you mischievous, diabolical geeks out there. It took me awhile, but I finally got around to watching Disney’s most recent take on Maleficent, so today I can bring you my blackened heart’s review. The truth is I don’t remember much of the original animated Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. I had watched it when I was a child, but it was an old movie from 1959, and quite frankly the only thing I remember about it was the dragon. Yup, that gorgeous green and purple dragon (my favorite colors!) who was Maleficent herself in that story was the only part worth remembering, but I was saddened that this dragon was killed so that the sleeping princess could be awoke with true love’s kiss. Well, I heard that this story was told from Maleficent’s perspective, and with the promise of a dragon I was lured in. Warning- spoilers to follow.


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