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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors Podcast Special: An Interview with Voice Actress Jen Taylor

transmissions-header-10-7We’re in the midst of our Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors celebration and what better way to celebrate than with an interview with the woman behind such iconic video game characters as Princess Peach in several different Mario games, as well as Cortana from HALO! C-Mart and Undies of Wondy got the chance to interview her recently at Genericon in Troy, NY. Hope you enjoy it!

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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Halo 4

Thanks for stopping by the Evil Lair again, Geeks.  Right now, you’re probably wondering what that funky stench emanating from the Evil Gaming Room is?  No, we weren’t hosting another “Bring a Zombie, Get In Half Price” party and the toilets are no longer backing up ever since we banned Evil Taco Night, so it’s neither of them.  That earthy, acrid, and full-bodied aroma would be Yours Truly after emerging from a week and a half-long gaming coma, just long enough to write this.  What’s been keeping me in these filth-ridden footie pajamas you ask?  Well, you may not be aware of this, but I have it on good authority that Halo 4 was just recently released on November 6th.  I’ve forgone sleep.  I’ve neglected friendships and important Evil duties.  I haven’t spoken with a human being without the use of a headset in over 8 days.  Yeah… it’s pretty safe to say I’m hooked on this game.

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