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Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s Mobile Suit Gundam Art

The Mobile Suit Gundam world is a fascinating one to be a part of, particularly the original iteration (often branded as 079). If you don’t know much about it, yes it does involve giant robots but that’s only half the appeal. It’s a deeply rooted war story carefully showing each side of the conflict with equal distinction. No allegiance is taken, it just presents the facts and goes deep into what it means to start a war, its atrocities and how it affects both sides and civilians as well as its aftermath. It’s a grand scale Space Opera second only to Star Wars. The original cartoon does a decent job showing all this but it’s creator Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s manga reinterpretation, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin that is the definitive telling.

Origin is being put out quarterly by Vertical Publishing in beautiful hardbounds in 12 volumes ending in December of 2015 (as of the writing of this article volume 8 has just been released). With original art by Yashukio in black and white it also features many painted pages as well as other supplemental paintings like the ones found below. The retelling takes the early 1980’s cartoon and fleshes the world out. Most of the events and high points are the same, but they are laid out in a more coherent and consistent way. The tone is more mature, although the cartoon was pretty uncompressing in its bleak tone and frank portrayal of death. Most interestingly though, it digs deep into the past which really opens the story up. What is treated as about an 8 minute flashback in the cartoon is spread out over 3 volumes of the manga, that’s about 1,300+ pages of backstory. Backstory that is 100% necessary to understanding the political climate prior to the lead up of the war and presenting so much character motivation particularly for one of the main antagonists, Char Aznable. The manga transformers what was a “cool” character from the cartoon into a deeply flawed but driven sympathetic menace.

I’ve often started Gundam articles only to delete them in frustration, finally deciding to let Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s art work speaks for itself. If this art doesn’t get you interested in Gundam then I have failed and I’m afraid nothing else will.


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Gundam Front

Being a fan of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise I knew as soon as my trip to Tokyo was booked one of the things that I needed to do was pilgrimage to the Gundam Front. Now there’s two things there, one is inside a mall and is a simulated ride/video with a small museum of different recreated props and such from the different series. Don’t get me wrong, that was really cool but for me the selling point was the actual mobile suit that was built to scale. It’s INSANE! The best part is it’s just right outside of an entrance to a mall. There was always tons of people taking pictures in front of it throughout the day like it was a national monument. Which in a way I guess it kind of is.

For anyone who is into of the Gundam Universe this is absolute must see.

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Ep 055 – Biff Tannen is Big In Japan


Biff rejoins the Evil Geeks after spending two fun-filled weeks in Japan.  Listen as Biff relay’s tales of cultural strangeness, culinary curiosities, and navigating Tokyo Disney.  Plus, the Evil Geeks talk about what was a big week for geek news on this episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair.

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