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Ep 008 – Next Stop…Gotham!

Good Morning Geeks!

In today’s episode of Transmissions from the Evil Lair we talk all things Batman. We’ve got a full house of geeks including Big Evil, C-Mart, Greekimus Prime, Biff Tannen, Arthur Harkness, Martian Luthir Kang 117th, and our special guest Professor Next!

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Comic Book Panel of the Day

Hey Nerds!

So on Friday we gave you a panel from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s brand new Batman # 16 and you all seemed to love it! So why not give you more of a good thing, right? Check this baby out…
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Comic Book Panel of The Day


Todays Panel of the Day comes from the brand new Batman #16 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo! First off, if you’re not reading Batman right now then you are certifiably crazy! The creative team behind the book have given us an amazing story complimented by such powerful art that it is not to be missed.
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