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Ep 106 – The Ramble and The Rant!

What’s Up Nerds?

This week we return to the Evil Lair to hear Big Evil and C-Mart just chew the fat about movies, shows, games, and comics! That’s right, it’s a regular rantin’ and ramblin’ good time.. so sit back, relax, and get ready to write a strongly worded letter to the producers of Gotham!

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Evil Geek Book Report – Gotham Central, Book One: In The Line Of Duty

I like Batman, but I don’t care about him and I never have. I realized this as I recently read through Scott Snyder’s first work on Batman, 2011’s “The Black Mirror”. While I devoured the trade and certainly enjoyed it, I was more drawn to the back up, secondary story ‘Skeleton Cases’. This involved the return of James Gordon Jr. to Gotham (who was barely mentioned in 24 years since 1987’s Year One storyline) and the possibility that he could be a psychotic killer. It’s an excellent story aided by the art of the great Francesco Francavilla that really probes Commissioner Gordon’s psyche.

I’ve always loved Gordon, in an insane and outrageous place like Gotham he’s the reader’s link to the “real world” and the common man. I did some research and found there was scarce little material or series that followed Gordon as the main character. Which in my opinion is pretty shameful on DC’s part. Between Batman and the Batman family there’s a billion titles, are you telling me one can’t go to Gordon?  (Detective Comics, I’m looking at you…it could be a perfect fit). I digress. However, I was able to find the next best thing, Gotham Central.


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