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Tales From Westeros – Season 6, Episode 2: Home and Episode 3: Oathbreaker


Hey guys, so obviously there was no review last week for the titanic episode “Home” because I was caught up with my final exams and turning in my senior thesis, so in order to preserve my sanity, the lovely C-Mart gave me the week off.  Now, onto episodes 2 and 3, and as always, spoilers ahead!

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Tales From Westeros – Sons of the Harpy

Lilith here, and just when I was getting a little down on Game of Thrones last week I was pleasantly surprised with what I found to be a very entertaining episode. I know last week I had some great discussion with you readers about my general loss of enthusiasm for the show. Well, in addition to the play by play (spoiler filled) review this week, I wanted to delve a little more in to my personal thoughts about and frustrations with the show. Here’s to hoping it’s as entertaining for you to read as it was fun for me to write!


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