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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Goblins

Thank god it’s the weekend, and your time to kick back, enjoy a drink or two, and be as lazy or productive as you want. And what better way to relax than while indulging in your favorite non-human creature obsession? With this weekend’s first post, we’re going to start bringing you the perfect post on your favorite creatures every weekend to help you forget about your banal week-to-week work life.  Whether it is claws, scales, fur, spikes, fangs, or rotting flesh, we’ll make your weekend relaxation more enjoyable with this weekly installment from the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks.  Humans have been telling creature tales since the time of the Cave Men, so it’s a tradition we are delighted to continue.


The plan will be to pick a creature to discuss in detail every weekend, where we will first go over the personal details of said creature, followed by a reference for their most memorable appearances in human history, and lastly followed up with our personal favorite representation of the creature being profiled. And requests are welcome. While we have many species we plan on bringing in to your homes in the coming months, feel free to send me an email from the “About Us” tab section of the website.

So for our first Creature Comforts we are going to spotlight goblins, a classic and recurring character encountered in many fantasy novels, movies, and myths. What is a goblin you ask?


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