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Zombie Round Up: Heads Up

And just like that TWD has everyone hooked again. This past week’s episode was so darn packed featuring almost all of our beloved old timers, leaving most of us on the edge of our seats for the mid season finale, which is sure to evok some tears. Here’s my spoiler filled review of last Sunday’s episode, just in time for what is sure to be tonight’s mind blowing mid season finale.


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Zombie Round Up: Here Is Not Here and Now

Lilith has been off causing all sorts of mayhem and hasn’t been able to write a review on all things TWD for a couple weeks, which means today you get two reviews for the price of one! I mean, I can’t just ignore what happened to Morgan in the past week’s episode even if some of you want me to. Today I want to reflect on the last two weeks’ episodes of the best zombie show on TV.


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