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Zombie Round-Up: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Wow. Just wow. Hopefully we’ve all gotten the therapy we needed after this week’s Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. I know I needed to get some tears out, and The Talking Dead really is a good way to process the horrors that sometimes overwhelm us on this show (so check it out if you haven’t already). But it feels good to be back in the writing seat, and it feels good to get this all out to share and discuss with you Evil Geeks. Spoilers galore to follow as I give you my take on the episode and what I am hoping for from the show.


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Zombie Round Up: Thank You

No Thank You would have been a better title for this week’s episode. There has been a stunned silence passing through The Walking Dead community this week, one full of denial and heartbreak. I too have been affected. It leaves me a little at a loss of words on where to start while writing this review. I will warn you of spoilers to follow if you haven’t watched the episode yet, even though social media has likely exposed you to the question we are all wondering: is he alive? Or were my violent sobs mid-episode warranted.


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