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Evil Geek Book Report – Marvel Mythos

I had never heard of Marvel Mythos, but as I started digging around for information about Paolo Rivera after my fateful encounter at Comic Con this year, I couldn’t escape it. Released as a series of one shots between 2006-2008 (during my self-imposed comic book exile) each issue was a retelling of some of Marvel character’s origins and first issues. The stories are adapted by Paul Jenkins and fully painted by Paolo Rivera, making this a nice companion piece to the classic Marvels miniseries.


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Crap We Actually Watched: Rewind Edition

Hello Evil Geeks!   Or as Nightcrawler would say after appearing in cloud of fart-smelling smoke, “Gutten tag Evil Geeks!”  It’s time for another Evil Geek review!  This time we’re heading to the movies, our to more accurately put it: we’ve already headed to the movies.  We’re trying to mix up our reviews a little by talking about old stuff as well as new stuff, so today we’re taking a short trip back in time to February 2012 (pardon me a second, I have to fire up The Brotherhoods Evil Time Machine.  The engine and pull cord came from The Brotherhoods Evil Lawnmower, so it takes a while to warm up) Since we’re obviously comic geeks, were kind of bound by some weird combination of honor and shared shame to support the ever increasing amount of comic related stuff that’s released.  So far in 2012 we’ve been pretty fortunate to get some great films tossed our way as far as comic movies go, especially with The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises delivering a kick-ass two hit knockout combo this summer.  Spidey was good too, so we’ve been REALLY lucky.   Putting that aside, this years geek movies haven’t all been winners.  In fact, just like any other year, some stuff has been downright awful.  That brings me to the reason I’ve gathered you all here today:  Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.  What can I say about the absoulte pile of deviled crap this movie was.  I actually had quite a bit to say about it, back when the pile was still steamingly fresh in my brain.  The following review previously appeared in the blog of some friends of ours (Check out Tom and Colleen at  Maybe we can even convince them to do a guest post one day, an EVIL GUEST POST!!!).  I figured I’d rerun it here in case any of you evil geeks were thinking about checking it out.  The movie might be good for a laugh or two at the expense of Nicholas Cage, but otherwise prepare to be traumatized.


Hope you enjoy it, and we will be back in the very near future to bring you some more Evil Geekery!  As always, stay Evil and Geeky Brothers and Sisters!

I Made A Deal With the Devil,

and All I Got Was This Stupid Leather Jacket

Um, you’re supposed to walk AWAY from the explosion in the slo-mo shot, not BE the explosion.

The movie sequel that absolutely nobody was clamoring for has finally arrived in theaters. Future Razzie award winner Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance features Nicholas Cage resurrecting the character of Johnny Blaze and his anti-hero alter ego, Ghost Rider, in the follow-up to 2007’s Ghost Rider.  After the first film’s release, it was universally agreed upon by both comic fan-boys and critics  that it had unseated Daredevil as the worst comic book adaptation ever forced upon theater goers. Apparently Nic Cage wasn’t too happy with that dubious honor, so he set out to make Spirit of Vengeance to put things right.  I can now report to you that he has without a doubt accomplished that goal; from now on, Ghost Rider will no longer be known as the bottom of the barrel of comic book movies.  Spirit of Vengeance has arrived to take over the number one spot with…well, with a vengeance.

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