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Tales from Westeros: Season 7, Episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice”

Hello there fans and friends, I am your maester of meticulous detail, your staunchest bannerman, your kingsguard of gravitas, Grand Master Zed! We’ve got enough drama to fill Dany’s ego this episode so lets dive into “The Queen’s Justice”.

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Tales From Westeros – Sons of the Harpy

Lilith here, and just when I was getting a little down on Game of Thrones last week I was pleasantly surprised with what I found to be a very entertaining episode. I know last week I had some great discussion with you readers about my general loss of enthusiasm for the show. Well, in addition to the play by play (spoiler filled) review this week, I wanted to delve a little more in to my personal thoughts about and frustrations with the show. Here’s to hoping it’s as entertaining for you to read as it was fun for me to write!


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Tales From Westeros – The High Sparrow

Hello again geeks, it’s almost time for the weekend, which means you can relive last week’s Game of Thrones episode with me here as I hash out all that I loved and hated about it. Things are moving along fast this season, and emotions are high. But you can only fit so much in to an hour long episode, so let’s see what this wedding filled episode had for us.


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Tales From Westeros – The Wars To Come

It’s been too long you crazy Martin fans. A year has passed and here we are at the season 5 premier for Game of Thrones. We’ve all been watching the previews and trailers with heavy anticipation, and April is finally upon us. Here is my spoiler-laden review of this packed first episode of season 5.


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Tales From Westeros – The Children

Wow geeks, can you believe that Season 4 of Game of Thrones is already over?! It feels like it was just the other week when I wrote the opening review to the season, and here is your faithful Lilith bringing you the review of the stunning conclusion to this season. I just want to give a shout out to Izzy Vassilakis Eden, it was a real treat getting to read your weekly reviews and discussions this season. But now I bring you my take on this season finale, titled “The Children”, leaving us another 10 months until we can again indulge in our weekly dose of blood, boobs, and dragons. As always, spoilers to follow.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Game of Thrones: A Feast For Crows



Alright class, listen up: it’s time for another Evil Geek Book Report!  Izzy Vassilakis Eden is back guest blogging for The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks today with a review of the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin, A Feast For Crows.  If you haven’t seen her reviews of the earlier books in the series, then you can check them out here and here. Thanks again to Izzy for sharing her review with us and we hope she’ll be back soon with a review of the next book in the series!

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