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Ep 103 – The All-New, All-Different Marvel U

transmissions-header-10-7Hey there, Evil Geeks! This week on Transmissions From the Evil Lair, Arthur Harkness, Biff Tannen, Big Evil, C-Mart, and Martian Luthor Kang thoroughly dissect Marvel’s non-reboot, reboot of Marvel’s legendary but somewhat muddy continuity.

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Zombie Round Up: No Sanctuary

It’s that time of year again, Evil Geeks. The air gets a little crisper. The days get a little shorter. The dead start to walk across our TV screens again. The Walking Dead came back this week in full force, kicking off what is already looking to be a crazy season 5. What’s the best way for a show that can at times slow down to a glacial pace in terms of storytelling? Why with 1 full hour of zombie killing action, big ass explosions, and a healthy dose of some sweet, sweet fan service!

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Tales From Westeros – The Children

Wow geeks, can you believe that Season 4 of Game of Thrones is already over?! It feels like it was just the other week when I wrote the opening review to the season, and here is your faithful Lilith bringing you the review of the stunning conclusion to this season. I just want to give a shout out to Izzy Vassilakis Eden, it was a real treat getting to read your weekly reviews and discussions this season. But now I bring you my take on this season finale, titled “The Children”, leaving us another 10 months until we can again indulge in our weekly dose of blood, boobs, and dragons. As always, spoilers to follow.

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Tales From Westeros – The Watchers on the Wall


HBO, and especially Game of Thrones, is known for penultimate episodes that deliver the biggest punches of the season. (See: Season 1, Ned Stark’s beheading; Season 2, the Battle of Blackwater Bay; Season 3, the Red Wedding.) Last Sunday’s “The Watchers on the Wall,” portraying the Battle of Castle Black, was no exception, and to be honest I have absolutely no idea how to write about it. It was an episode that nearly gave me a coronary—an hour of expertly choreographed, edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, heartbreaking battle. To paraphrase Special Agent Dale Cooper, it was damn fine television.

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Tales From Westeros – The Mountain and the Viper

And another one bites the dust during last week’s episode, appropriately titled “The Mountain and the Viper”…but let’s start from the beginning, everyone. The opening scene is your typical “going-out” scenario: some friends, some brews, some debauchery. However, in Mole’s Town (the village closest to Castle Black) the revelers look a bit like creatures that have recently emerged from the Bog of Eternal Stench, and the “fun” is perpetually tinged with mean spirits and danger. You can understand why Gilly is just doing her work and not participating in the revelry. All of a sudden—it seems wildlings favor sneak attacks—the place is ransacked by invaders, including Ygritte, Tormund, and the Thenns (The Wildlings You Know®). It’s a brutal scene of flagrant killing and destruction—however, as Ygritte comes upon a cowering Gilly holding her infant son, she shows mercy, giving a curt nod and moving on. The war has begun, kids.

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Tales From Westeros – Mockingbird

This episode begins with some good old fighting between siblings. Jaime is mad at Tyrion for undermining the deal he worked out with Tywin, in which Tyrion would be sent to the Wall rather than being killed for his “crime.” Tyrion, for his part, doesn’t want to go to the Wall for a crime he didn’t commit—death sucks for sure, but have you seen what goes on up there? Not only is it cold, miserable, dangerous, and a straight up sausage fest, but a man like Tyrion would surely be tortured until his dying day. There is one last grain of comfort for the brothers though. Everything played out exactly as Tywin would’ve wanted it to, making Jaime and Tyrion assume that the whole shebang was a ploy to get Jaime to leave the Kingsguard and get rid of his youngest without actually killing him. It’s kind of genius, actually. Tyrion’s claim that “It felt good taking that away from him” is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

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