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TV From The Crypts: Alphas Season 1


Hello my couch potato following cronies, ready for another edition of retired TV shows? This week I bring you another show that is relatively recently pensioned, and though there are two seasons that you can indulge in I will start with the first.  The SyFy channel brings us another enjoyable show, Alphas, which to many would seem like a bit of a less intense version of X-Men. Being someone that doesn’t have cable, I never really watched the SyFy channel, but I will say that Amazon seems to recommend a lot of their TV shows for me based on previous selections now, which is turning out to be for my (and your) benefit. I stumbled upon Alphas in just that manner, purchasing the last season of Fringe only to have Alphas recommended to me (don’t worry folks, I will get to Fringe in this column, and it will be epic).

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