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Ep 163 – Talking Toons with Greg Weisman



Big show today, Evil Geeks! On this latest episode C-Mart talks with Greg Weisman, creator of the hit cartoons Gargoyles and Young Justice. They talk Greg’s work in comics, cartoons, writing novels, and much more! Remember to binge watch Young Justice on Netflix, so we can get season 3 made!

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Gargoyles

Happy weekend evil geeks, how are you all? I’m sorry I am a little lacking in posts this week, hopefully I will make up for it next week. But I couldn’t fail you all in my weekly weekend creature report. Today I have decided to spotlight gargoyles.

As a child I spent a lot of time playing with toy dinosaurs, monsters, and animals (sorry, no Barbies in this girl’s closet). And I spent a lot of time wishing very hard that my toy friends would come to life. Stories like The Indian in the Cupboard, Prehysteria, and Toy Story made me think my wishes were worthwhile. But maybe that is why I am fascinated by gargoyles: there seems to be this myth that their stone and cement bodies can animate and come alive for a variety of reasons, and that’s what I am hoping for.



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