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The Art Of The Legend Of Zelda

I recently did an article showcasing some of the art of Mario 3 for the NES. In doing so it made me think about some of the other 8 bit era art that I loved so much as a child. You see, back then the graphics on most games while not without charm, by today’s standards are the equivalent to hot garbage. Meaning that the cover art for the game and/or the box was very important (and often grossly misleading). In the early days of the system some games would give you all the back story in its booklets with accompanying pictures to immerse yourself into the world of the game before pressing power on the console. After all cutscenes were still a little ways away.

The Legend of Zelda is and always will be one of the greatest and most innovative video games that Nintendo ever released (despite any misgivings you may have about its sequel). The booklets original art had always enamored me as a child and really helped to set the tone for the franchise or at least the two NES games. So if you’ve never seen these before, sit back and enjoy. If your already familiar it’s time to get yourself reacquainted.



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My Personal Super Bowl: A Link to the Past

Good Morning minions! As everyone knows, Sunday night was the Super Bowl, and yours truly did what does every year for the big game. Not fucking watch it. No offense to anyone, but Arthur is not a big sports fan. I became embittered as a child when I learned that the batter was not allowed to run the bases without his cudgel. Imagine the sheer amount of awesome that would give to the game. But I stray. Last night, as I was awaiting the game to turn on, so I could turn off, I began wondering what I could do to entertain myself for the evening. I could go out….but that would involve money and moving. I could watch a movie….not really feeling it. Then an idea struck me. What if I created my own Super Bowl? With swords…and blackjack….and hookers?……eeeh maybe not the blackjack. After a few minutes of contemplation, I came up with a marvelous idea. I would continue playing Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past….and I would update my progress on Twitter for the world to see. Which is exactly what I did.


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Guilty Pleasures – The Legend Of Zelda Animated Series

When I was a kid I needed a cartoon with swords, more importantly swords that shot lasers and The Legend Of Zelda animated series filled that quota for me.


Back in the 80’s someone had the bright idea to make cartoons out of video games. Nintendo was the hottest property around so why not start with them?

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Counter-Point – Attacking Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Hello Nerds
Even Evil Geeks fight, or should I say disagree. Today at the lair we started a discussion about old Super Nintendo games because there’s a guy on eBay selling every one ever made and I pointed out that most of them probably sucked. Yes, I’m a buzzkill and I realize that but the conversation moved to how in the big scheme of things that we’ve been given a lot of good games, but also a ton of really bad ones that we forked money over for through the years. The first one that I threw out to the group was Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link and most of the nerds agreed, except Biff. You can check out his argument for why this is a good game right here, but I’m not buying it…So we’re going tit for tat on this one!

Okay...Lets save us a Princess!

Okay…Lets save us a Princess!

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