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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Dark Souls

dark souls

You know…..there’s rarely a game that makes me physically want to harm myself. In the storied history of my gaming career, there comes to mind only 3 games that I have put in the effort to and was unable to complete. Those games are the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES, Mega Man Battle Network 4 on the GBA (which caused me to nearly break my fucking hand on a wooden chair in fury) and Dark Souls…..fucking Dark Souls. Every other game that I have put a solid amount of time and effort into I was able to conquer, even if it took forever. Usually with games, I get very frustrated if I don’t beat it in some fashion, so it breaks my heart to put something down in defeat. I had to do it to the 3 previously mentioned games, and while I know in my heart I will never beat TMNT without Game Genie and Mega Man BN4 is just something I haven’t had the desire to play again, Dark Souls was something else entirely.

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What Killed My Social Life Last Year – 2013 Gaming In Review

This picture actually does a better job of conveying “Gaming circa 2009”, but whatever.

Greetings Evil Geek Gamers or EGGs, if you’re up for a cool sounding acronym.  When will the EGGs hatch? Soon. What will the EGGs hatch? Terror, bad cholesterol, and world domination! 2013 has certainly been a year in which gaming has taken place.  That’s to say that it’s not been unbearably horrible, but in my opinion it hasn’t been stellar either.  Sure we’ve had some great games and even one that could be considered a masterpiece of storytelling, but we’ve had our fair share of turds hit the market this year and even some games that had great expectations, but managed to be only so-so in their final execution.  Let’s take a look at some of the stuff that I thought worked, some that outright sucked, and some that were just meh.

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Saints Row the Third

saints row 3 2

Okay , okay I know I’m a bit late to this party, but I felt like I needed to at least toss my hat in for a minute. I don’t normally get too into the GTA games, mainly because it’s just not too interesting to me. I mean I enjoy it quite a bit, but after like 5 hours, I’m bored. But how can that be? There’s so much to do!? So much to kill and take over?! Which in there lies the point. Sometimes there is simply too much to do. I am all about getting all the bang for your buck, as my frequent visits to the City of Industry have proven, but sometimes it can be just a little too much. It also just seems a bit too real for me and to be honest, when I play games I like to feel like I’m playing a game, not playing NYC simulator. Enter Saints Row the Third. This is how sandbox style games should be made…..for me at least.

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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Doctor Who: Legacy


What’s up Evil Geek Gamers!  Normally I worship at the altar of console gaming, but lately I’ve been losing a lot of time to one incredibly addictive app.  The game is free, but the best part is that it features everyone’s favorite Gallifreyan badass, the Doctor!  Rarely will we feature a mobile game, but damnit when one this cool comes along you know we’re going to be all over it.  This game has swept across the Evil Lair between Arthur Harkness, Big Evil, and myself faster than that flu that killed all of those people at the prison on The Walking Dead.  Put your brain in puzzle solving mode and get your sonics at the ready Evil Geeks, we’ve got a game to play!

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What’s Killing My Social Life This Week – Batman: Arkham Origins


Hey now, Evil Geeks!  Who feels like talking video games?  You know your friendly neighborhood C-Mart certainly is!  If there’s one thing I love talking about just as much as if not more than video games, that would be Batman; so when those worlds collide, there’s definitely going to be some conversing and some reviewing to be done.  This week we’re cracking open Batman: Arkham Origins by WB Games, who’ve taken over the reins from Rocksteady.  You may have read Arthur Harkness’ earlier suggestion for this game, but today I’m cutting through the fanboy and giving you the critical review that Gotham deserves.  Tell your mom to get your cowl out of the dryer and make sure you’re homemade batarangs are shiny and spotless, it’s time to clean up the streets of Gotham with nothing more than good, old-fashioned, all American, violence…and of course a billion dollar fortune!

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Batman Arkham Origins

arkham origins 1

Once again, we find ourselves on converging paths. Good morning to you all in readerland! Today marks your usual day for Suggestions, and like I do most every week, with a few exceptions, I  plan on giving you all something that you should be sinking your teeth into at this very moment. I normally try and give you guys something to read or to view, but I wanted to give you guys something to play with this week. No, it is not the Crown Jewels of Harkness, but something a bit more dark and brooding. Not to say that the Harkness nuts aren’t constantly roasting with vengeance, but it was not what I was referring to. I, and much of the gaming community, have been waiting patiently for the follow up to our favorite Batty hero’s adventures, and we finally have the ability to get our hands on it. Ladies and gentlemen, denizens of the evening, and inhabitants of Arkham, I bring to you…..Batman: Arkham Origins!

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