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Brovember 19 – Fry and Bender

Here’s another pair of drinking buddies for you brooding bromance lovers out there: Philip J. Fry and Bender Rodriguez from Futurama are an ideal bromantic couple. They become instantaneous friends when Fry first re-awakens in the future and encounters Bender in a suicide booth. And throughout the show their friendship remains one of the strongest, certainly stronger than any romantic relationships developed in the series. And yet again we see that kicking back with a cold brew really helps solidify your rank in the bromance world.


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TV From The Crypts: Futurama

We in the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks all have our specialties and areas of interest even if there might be a lot of overlap. If you have not read the superbly stunning story of our origins, you need to go check it out here and maybe you’ll understand us as individuals a little bit better. Being someone who works 24/7 to keep nature’s balance of life and death in harmony, I can’t schedule a slot to catch the latest Falling Skies or Game of Thrones episodes during its regularly scheduled showing on TV, but I manage to keep myself entertained and to keep all of you tremendous followers educated about the best retired TV shows out there. The advantages to watching retired shows also means no commercials, you can pause for bathroom breaks and to refill your glass of wine, and you can watch as many episodes as you want in a row, so rather than pine and stress over who’s going to kill who in Game of Thrones next for an entire painfully long week, or who’s going to sleep with who in True Blood for 7 agonizing days, you can jump right ahead and watch the whole season in a day or two.


Naturally being the queen of retired TV shows among many other things, I get excited to claim newly finished shows as “mine” as I twist my hands together and let out my evil Muahahahaha laugh. I was able to do that this month with another phenomenally funny and science-fiction fantastic show: Futurama.


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