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TV From The Crypts: Lilith’s Second Mission: Fringe

Greetings nerds, I am writing from the evil science lair this week. I have decided I have to give myself another mission, a quest to bring you my rants and raves about another amazing retired TV show (and maybe blow Biff out of the water again). This mission will be to write about every season of Fringe, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The only show that currently surpasses it on my Top 5 List is Firefly, but Firefly is really a Holy Grail amongst retired TV shows. I would argue that Fringe should be right up there as one of the most entertaining, heart-wrenching, exciting, thought-provoking, and highly amusing TV shows of all time. Several characters make it so, but certainly Walter Bishop is by far one of the most unique mad scientists you might ever encounter. I re-watched Season 1 last week as a refresher in ensuring that I talked about everything I wanted, and realized I was taking notes of all the moments that meant the most to me in this series. So today I bring you a my first Fringe post, Season 1 of Fringe a la Buzzfeed style:

The Top 17 Best Moments of Fringe Season 1 (don’t continue if you want to avoid spoilers).


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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Olivia Dunham

Welcome to another installment of our month-long celebration of the most bad-ass women fiction has to offer! Today’s honoree has a story that’s shall we say, multi-dimensional? If you haven’t seen the dearly departed show Fringe (which aired on Fox), please go Netflix it right now and kiss the next 100 hours of your life good-bye as you find yourself tumbling down a sci-fi rabbit hole that you wish would’ve gone on for at least a few more seasons.  I’m probably going to spoil some stuff, so if you haven’t yet watched, then ye be warned of upcoming spoilers.  Olivia’s story is so complex and bizarre, that it’s going to take two days to tell both sides of her tale. Today I’ll be talking about our universe’s version Olivia Dunham and later Arthur will be filling us in on the story of Fauxlivia, the “other side” version of Olivia.

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Fringe Ceases To Exist…. At Least In This Universe

MMMrrrpphh mmmnn mmmrphhhmmhm!!!!

MMMrrrpphh mmmnn mmmrphhhmmhm!!!!

What a long, strange ride Evil Geeks!  Hope you were able to tune in for the series ender for Fringe last night, because it was a hell of a show!  If you haven’t seen it yet you should probably check it out first, then come check out this wrap up, but here’s a little preview to get you hooked.  Over the past five seasons, we’ve been exposed to strange viruses, watched people turn into mutants, jumped dimensions, and in general, seen all sorts of sci-fi craziness.  After five years of oddities, what’s the best way to end the story and still surprise the viewers?  With ALL of that insanity jam-packed into one episode!

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Comic Book Panel of the Day

Good Morning Nerd Nation!

I hope that you contained yourself during last nights series finale of FRINGE… it was awesome! To commemorate our Universe jumping heroes I decided to bring a comic book image to you from FRINGE’s Alternate Universe. So here ya go…
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Hello Freedom Fighters!


I cant believe that it’s the final FRINGE FRIDAY… I don’t know about you, but I’m a bag of mixed emotions right now! Tonight we say goodbye to one of the greatest shows in recent times; FRINGE. On one hand I am so sad to see one of my favorite shows ever go off the air, but on the other hand I am so proud that a Sci-Fi show about Alternate Realities and crazy mad science has lasted five years on a national network. Since the shows inception we have had the opportunity to see parallel universes, different timelines, and all sorts of different creatures and mutations that could really scare the hell out of you!

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Ep 004 – Our Marvel NOW! Podcast

Morning Nerds!

It’s Monday, and we’ve got a brand new podcast for you! This weeks episode has The Geeks jawing over Marvel NOW, Fringe, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff. So… sit back, relax and have a listen!

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