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Doctober Spotlight – Doctor Walter Bishop

Breaking my streak here folks, cause today’s doctor is the first one I am writing about this month that is not a medical doctor. Doctor Walter Bishop, PhD, is in my opinion the most important character in the entire Fringe series, and probably one of the most epic mad scientists of all time.


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TV From The Crypts: Lilith’s Top 26 Moments From Fringe Season 5

It is with a heavy heart that I bring my second mission to a close. Over the last couple months I have rewatched all of the Fringe series, bringing you my favorite moments from each season. And this week I bring you the series conclusion, the one season of the whole show I had not yet watched previously. Let’s set the scene first. Instead of our usual timeline, we have flash-forwarded to the future, taking up where we left off with the interesting episode Letters In Transit from Season 4. It’s 15 years from where we last left off, and our wonderful team has successfully avoided aging by being trapped in amber ever since the Observers invaded earth.

We’ll switch to buzzfeed mode soon, but I guess I will make a broad statement about this season that took such a stark change from the previous seasons. While it was an interesting post-apocalyptic twist to the show, it did feel a little bit rushed. They tried to jam so much in to the show to conclude it and I wish it had been a little more drawn out. That being said, I did like the season, and without further ado I bring you my buzzfeed-style favorite moments of the stellar conclusion to this amazing television show. As always, spoilers to follow.


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TV From the Crypts: Lilith’s Top 26 Moments From Fringe Season 4

Hello all my fellow Walter Bishop lovers, I pretty much flew through season 4, seeing as how I had forgotten how it was one of my favorites. This season is jam-packed, as is my buzzfeed style list of favorite moments from this season. Spoilers abound, but I figure most of you reading this just want to reminisce in all that makes Fringe one of the best TV shows ever.

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TV From The Crypts: Season 3 of Fringe, Lilith’s Top 21 Moments

Hello again Fringe-aholics, Lilith is back with the third installment of this mission of hers to bring you all the best moments of the retired TV show Fringe. Sometimes it is so wonderful to relive a TV show that you enjoyed when you first watched it, and rewatching Fringe has been like giving me a TARDIS for Christmas. So now I will bring you my top 21 moments of Fringe: Season 3, spoilers and all. Cause we all know we need a little more Walter in our life.


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TV From The Crypts: Fringe Season 2

Welcome back my TV loving geeks, are you ready for part two of Lilith’s Fringe mission? Of course you are! And I am ready to bring it to you. Last time I think the Buzzfeed-style post went over well, so I will give it a go again. I devoured season two with just as much enjoyment as the first time I watched it, and these are Lilith’s top 22 moments from Fringe Season 2. Spoilers to follow.


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Vancouver: Nerd Hollywood North

beachHey there, Evil Geeks…. although I guess this time out it might be more accurate to say “Eh there, Evil Geeks”.  Have you ever found yourself watching one of your favorite TV shows, only to find yourself wondering where the show was actually shot?  The cities you see week in and week out on your television look SUPER familiar, but for some reason you can’t figure out exactly where the actors are. It looks like your average American city, but it’s too urban and compact to be Los Angeles. It doesn’t have the wholesome Midwestern feel of Chicago. It’s too clean to be New York. Atlanta? Nope, not enough strippers. Dallas? Not enough pick up trucks with gun racks on the road.  The deja vu sweeps over you as you know you’ve seen this place before. We’re you dragged there on vacation as a kid? Were you forced to visit an aged aunt there at some point? Stuck for a few hours on a layover?  You’ve seen it before, but WHERE!?!?!?! Well thanks to our friends over at Fortress Geek, you’re days of befuddlement are over! You’ve definitely seen that city somewhere before and chances are it was on TV. What could this magical, holy land of TV production possibly be? Chances are, it’s Vancouver, British Columbia!

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