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Brovember 28 – Shaun and Ed

I think you evil geek followers know by now that both C-Mart and Lilith here are huge fans of the Cornetto Trilogy. And while there are some great bromances encountered through all of them, just like the movies overall I find that in Shaun of the Dead to be my favorite: that between Shaun and Ed. Ed, the hopeless, unemployed, loser roommate, and Shaun the lost, needy, yet loyal best friend.


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Brovember 21 – Woody and Buzz Lightyear


What better way to enjoy your childhood traveling together to infinity and beyond with your best friend? Some might argue that all toys’ best friends are their owner, but I think Woody and Buzz were destined to be united. Sure, they might have started out enemies like many bromances before the, but with time these two have developed a wonderful bromance.

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Brovember 19 – Fry and Bender

Here’s another pair of drinking buddies for you brooding bromance lovers out there: Philip J. Fry and Bender Rodriguez from Futurama are an ideal bromantic couple. They become instantaneous friends when Fry first re-awakens in the future and encounters Bender in a suicide booth. And throughout the show their friendship remains one of the strongest, certainly stronger than any romantic relationships developed in the series. And yet again we see that kicking back with a cold brew really helps solidify your rank in the bromance world.


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Brovember Day 8 – Sam and Frodo


Well let’s just get the weirdness out of the way: I am obviously not a man and therefore cannot understand the bonding and emotions experienced by individuals in a bromance. Yes I have many friends of the female persuasion, and yes I appreciate the sisterhood bond that can form between two female friends, but even though I don’t know what it is like to have a bromance, I am a little envious. Maybe I am reading in to things too much, but it seems like all you bromanced men are out there shooting the shit drinking beers, whereas many women choose to go shopping for shoes or go to a spa to bond. I would much prefer the former, but maybe that’s why I write for the brotherhood. This month’s topic has got me thinking about over a dozen bromances that I have come to adore and respect, and secretly be jealous of, so I guess it’s time for me to start bringing you some of my favorites.

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