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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Dean Koontz Frankenstein Series

I think I have mentioned before that Dean Koontz has really grown on me as I have aged. As a younger teen I was scared of his novels much the way that I feared Stephen King stories. But as I have grown older I have come to find that Dean Koontz novels have a lot going on and are worth the fear they might cause. In fact, in the case of the initially three novel and now five novel series I want to talk about today, the Dean Koontz Frankenstein series, that perfect combination of horror and excitement was what makes it one that I am happy to suggest to you all.



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The Original Frankenstein And Bride Of Frankenstein Return To Theaters Wednesday

Things are about to get super geeky with Halloween approaching (or as we like to call it, mini comic con). What better way to get you in the mood than classic horror movies? Turner Classic Movies is putting 1931’s Frankenstein as well as its sequel, 1935’s Bride Of Frankenstein in theaters, back to back for one night only. Get your tickets now for this Wednesday (October 24th) at 7PM. Check Fandango to see if it’s playing at a theatre near you!

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