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They Can’t All Be Matches

While metahumans, mutants, and demigods certainly outperform actual police officers in terms of apocalypse prevention and supervillain apprehension, they are more often than not sorely lacking in another important aspect of crime fighting; Undercover work.

Take a guy like Daredevil, for instance. Daredevil can sit on a rooftop enjoying a cup of coffee (if someone who can taste each and every individual fecal coliform can ever truly enjoy anything) and listen to entire blocks of the city at a time, pinpointing crimes and swooping in to save the day. And all without the use of his eyes!  However, when it comes to getting his hands dirty and doing some deep cover reconnaissance, he sticks out like a sore thumb.

Undercover - Shades 1

I mean, maybe he doesn’t know that wearing sunglasses indoors is a fairly uncommon? He’s sitting in a bar in Manhattan in the early 1980s, I’d say we’re probably talking about a dimly lit joint. The gang here at Josie’s Bar know that this stranger is either a blind person or a serious douchebag. Like a Guy Fieri level douchebag. He has to let them know that he’s just a tough customer! A rough and tumble street smart fella who doesn’t take any guff from any tuff, and what better way to demonstrate than to toss a few guys through a window.

Undercover - Shades 2

Defenestration = Demonstration

Hey, “Shades”…. you know who throws people through that window all of the time? Daredevil. If you want to hide the fact that you’re Daredevil, try acting a bit less like Daredevil.

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Our Netflix Daredevil Wish List

DD Netflix Logo


Martian Luthor Kang

Like some of my associates here at the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks, I love me some Daredevil. But I know full well that there are plenty of piss-poor Daredevil stories out there, and it would be a shame to see Netflix’s inaugural Marvel series go the way of the Daredevil movie. Now, like an expecting parent I really only want to show to be healthy, but just like those same moms-and- dads-to-be, I naturally have some unspoken desires about what’s to come.  Let them be spoken!

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Panel Of The Day 12/26/14

Precious little is actually known about this, but sources indicate that in 1981 Frank Miller and Roger Stern were going to be paired together on a Doctor Strange book. This original art was an ad that ran in February of the same year in different Marvel titles. However, the book never ended up panning out due to the creator’s schedules so all we have is this art and what could have been.



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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – The Dark Knight Retread

Sick and tired of waiting for Warner Brothers and/or DC Comics to tarnish the legacy of the Dark Knight Returns with the upcoming film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice or the proposed third chapter of the comic book storyline? Well, wait no more! Resident artists Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness are here to begin the memory-sullying that will undoubtedly occur in the next few years. I tasked them to reproduce the following image in their own distinctive style:

photo 1

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Taking A Deeper Look Into Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

I would rank the original 2005 Sin City as one of my favorite comic book movies. Waiting 9 years for a sequel that was announced pretty shortly after the release of the first one felt like an eternity. Especially after it was given an October 2013 release date and then pushed back to August 2014. Needless to say, I was looking forward to this movie yet as the reviews started to pour in after opening weekend I got real nervous.


I immediately noticed a trend in the reviews. Ones that seemed to be from comic book related websites spoke favorably and seemed to “understand” it. While mainstream media outlets all had pretty damning things to say. Typified with Rotten Tomatoes listing it at around 40% yet IMDB ranking it at about 7/10. What’s the truth? I’d say somewhere in the middle (good, but not great) but not nearly as bad as some websites would have you believe. I figured I’d do my best to address some of the facts.

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Watch the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer NOW!!!

Mornin’ Evil Geeks!

Sin City poster
We’ve seen images of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For all over the net recently, but the first official trailer was released for the August 22nd release and we’ve got it right here for you! The story of the same name follows Dwight, who we saw in the first movie played by Clive Owen, a man who had to literally change his face because of what happens in Dame to Kill For, so this is kind of a prequel (just because of how they arranged the first movie,) and Dwight is played by Josh Brolin. It’s really not as confusing as it sounds. Just check out the trailer below:

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