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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Favorite Costumes (Redux)

Many moons ago we brought you a Top 5 list of our favorite costumes across various mediums. This time Biff and Martian Luthor Kang revisited the idea with a keen eye and a finer toothed comb.

Biff Tannen

5) Iron Man Armor (MK III)


Iron Man’s well known red and gold armor is a masterwork of sleekness and simplicity, but it never stood out to me. Maybe because it has existed for the entire time I’ve been alive. Yet when I dove back and saw him for the first time with that armor and the oh-so 1960’s horns on it, I knew I was looking at something special. Designed by the legendary Steve Ditko the horned look didn’t stick around long, but man do I wish it did.

Bonus: The original giant silver armor (MK I) and the original giant gold armor (MK II)

I completely get why these were redesigned especially since they seem so incredibly bulky, but I just love that vintage 1960’s Sci-Fi B-Movie look.


Tales of Suspense #040_Page_08_Image_0001

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Pulp Corner: Zorro – Volume 1: Year One – Trail Of The Fox

Zorro always seemed to be one of those characters that just existed. As long as I could remember he was a part of my pop culture subconscious yet I can’t recall ever watching or reading a single thing with him in it. When I finally decided to investigate it was with the popular 1940 The Mark Of Zorro movie with Tyrone Power, while a fine film it started with Don Diego Vega as an adult donning the costume and his first night out as Zorro. What happened prior to this? Looking for more answers I ordered a trade with author Matt Wagner’s first 8 issues of Zorro for Dynamite Entertainment, dubbed Year One: Trail Of The Fox.


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Cover Of The Day 6/6/14


Today’s cover of the day is brought to you by pulp artist extraordinare, Francesco Francavilla. It’s from near the end of the David Liss written Black Panther run where he was watching over Hell’s Kitchen while Daredevil got a grip on himself post Shadowland. It’s a gorgeous composition that really evokes 70’s cinema. I love that Black Panther doesn’t appear at all, highlighting only the major villains of this storyline. Speaking of which, Lady Bullseye is looking an awful lot like Liv Tyler…

Unfortunately, Francavilla isn’t the interior artist for this issue (for that you’ll have to go back earlier in the run) but with a cover this good, I don’t care.

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Pulp Corner: The Black Beetle – No Way Out

Nothing on the shelves looks quite like Francesco Francavilla’s pulp crime fighter, The Black Beetle. As we wait for the second miniseries Necrolgogue to be released I thought we’d step back in time and take a look at the debut storyline, No Way Out.

A few months ago all 4 issues of The Black Beetle’s inaugural miniseries along with a zero issue (that was originally published in segments for Dark Horse Presents) were collected into a gorgeous hardcover and released.


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Biff’s 2013 Comics In Review

2013 was a banner year for geekology, but with our sights toward 2014 there is a lot to be excited about between all the movies (SIN CITY 2!?!), video games, tv shows and etc on the horizon, but I’d like to focus on comic books in this article. More accurately, Biff comic books.

Current Series

Superior Spider-Man (Marvel)


It’s been mentioned on the site before, but this is probably my favorite series of 2013. It’s energetic, interesting above all else refreshing. I know there’s a lot of nay sayers who refuse to read it based solely on principal, but dammit you don’t know what you’re missing out on (not to mention stubbornness is not an attractive quality) and honestly what do you have to lose? You know if you wait it out long enough the real Peter Parker will return. Just think of this series as a long interlude. Why not stick around for the ride?

Slott is my favorite kind of writer, it’s obvious that he’s planned story lines for years in advance and has the ability to subtly weave subplots through them that you always know are going to pay off. You don’t stay on a book as its author for that long if there isn’t something to it. With a book consistently being this good and being put out twice a month is heavenly.  Things are heating up in 2014 with the beginning of the Goblin Nation story line that’s been building since the book debuted with some speculation that the series will wrap you shortly afterward. It’s been an exciting year for Spidey but 2014 seems to be starting off strong as well.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Black Panther: The Man Without Fear, Vol. 1: Urban Jungle


I’m not caught up on my Daredevil. It’s very high on my “to do list”, starting with the Bendis run. I do know that after Shadowland Mr. Matt Murdock goes cuckoo bananas and leaves his post at Hell’s Kitchen. He has elected the Black Panther to take up his position. Black Panther is better known as T’Challa, King of the African country Wakanda. Recently he was involved in a battle with Doctor Doom resulting in a loss of Wakanda’s valuable resources and leaving T’Challa physically, mentally and spiritually broken. He decided to give up his mantle in Wakanda and find himself. That’s just prologue stuff, even if you aren’t familiar with any of that you can still jump into this and not be lost. This comic actually took over the numbering for the regular ongoing Daredevil title.

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