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Zombie Round Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 6 – “The Good Man”

The show finally picks up steam in the last episode and now we’re done. What a let down! Yes, Lilith here, back to bring you all the final FTWD review until next season. It feels like it only took the blink of an eye, but that is probably because they only gave us 6 episodes for this pilot season. This season finale did what I had hoped it would: got me excited about next season. And when you look at my past reviews that is really saying something. Here’s why I think you should be just as stoked about next season as I am.


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Zombie Round-Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 5 – “Cobalt”

Lilith here again. Hopefully you all had a nice week and break from my ranting and raving all things zombie. I’ve obviously been bashing this TWD prequel pretty hard, so it was probably nice for all of you to get a different take from C-Mart last week. I know I enjoyed reading his thoughts. And interestingly as much as I had a lot of hate for the show the first half of this short season, I agree that it is starting to pick up and show some promise, of course just in time for the season finale next week. But without further ado let’s dive in to this week’s creepy and action packed episode.


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Zombie Round Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 4 – “Not Fade Away”


Hey Gang, this week while Lilith’s away, your old pal C-Mart is here to keep you company. Soooooo, Fear the Walking Dead, huh? Look, I’ve been reading The Walking Dead almost since the beginning and I never miss an episode of the TV show, but I’ll be there first to admit that Fear the Walking Dead has got a few issues. I will say though that I think the show is picking up steam. I think this weeks episode is a step in the right direction. The paranoia levels are starting to shoot through the roof; what exactly is the National Guard doing with the “sickly” people in the neighborhood? What’s going on at that house outside the fence, way off in the distance? I’ve got some theories on those questions,

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Zombie Round Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3 – “The Dog”

It’s been two weeks since we last watched our mismatched family try to deal with the zombie outbreak in LA, and I’ve been feeling a little zombie deprived. But let’s be honest, I know I’ve been critical and maybe harsh at times with my review, so I might as well be up front with you now. If you thoroughly enjoy Fear The Walking Dead and think it is a phenomenal show you might not want to read my review this week. I for one have become more and more disappointed in the show, and I’ve decided to get it all down in writing this week. Of course, I’d love to hear back from all of you geeks out there, whether or not you disagree or agree, so stick around till the comments section for me if you dare. Here goes my “all things wrong with Fear The Walking Dead” rant, spoilers of course included.


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Zombie Round Up: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 – “So Close, Yet So Far”

Another Sunday, another night full of the dead rising up again. After last week’s hour and a half long series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead I was left pondering a lot of unanswered questions. Where did the infection originate? Is everyone already infected? How will our group move on after seeing what happened with Calvin? What happened to Alicia’s boyfriend? When are people going to man up and realize that they are in the freaking zombie apocalypse?!?! I only had a few of these questions answered, but boy do I have a lot of opinions to share about this week’s episode.


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Zombie Round Up: Pilot Episode of Fear The Walking Dead

It’s here!!! Yup, we don’t even have to wait until October this year, AMC is giving us a prequel series: Fear The Walking Dead. It’s the perfect way to prepare yourself for a zombie-filled fall. The truth is I initially thought it was a bad idea, I mean, how much zombie can one TV channel produce? But then I saw the trailer, and I was downright overwhelmed with excitement. This show is supposed to be about the outbreak when it first started, and unlike TWD takes place in a cityscape, with all the added scares and thrills that will add to the show. This past Sunday night I finally got to experience the 1.5 hour long season premiere and now you get to hear all about my spoiler filled take on it.

Fear The Walking Dead - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Fear The Walking Dead – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

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