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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Steven Spielberg’s Aliens

The week has gone by all too quickly again, and here you find yourselves ready for yet another post by your faithful Lilith. And sure enough, this weekend’s creature comforts post is one to get all hot and bothered by. I know I’ve been on a Star Wars kick lately, specifically spending a lot of time on Tatooine, but today I am completely shifting gears and bringing you an article on quite an accumulation of amazing creatures. That’s right, I am not sticking with one species, but instead am spotlighting all the incredible aliens that the dinosaur god Steven Spielberg has ever created. So there will be quite a few aliens to talk about this week, ending with my personal favorite of this powerhouse’s monsters.

Spielberg's aliens

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Vancouver: Nerd Hollywood North

beachHey there, Evil Geeks…. although I guess this time out it might be more accurate to say “Eh there, Evil Geeks”.  Have you ever found yourself watching one of your favorite TV shows, only to find yourself wondering where the show was actually shot?  The cities you see week in and week out on your television look SUPER familiar, but for some reason you can’t figure out exactly where the actors are. It looks like your average American city, but it’s too urban and compact to be Los Angeles. It doesn’t have the wholesome Midwestern feel of Chicago. It’s too clean to be New York. Atlanta? Nope, not enough strippers. Dallas? Not enough pick up trucks with gun racks on the road.  The deja vu sweeps over you as you know you’ve seen this place before. We’re you dragged there on vacation as a kid? Were you forced to visit an aged aunt there at some point? Stuck for a few hours on a layover?  You’ve seen it before, but WHERE!?!?!?! Well thanks to our friends over at Fortress Geek, you’re days of befuddlement are over! You’ve definitely seen that city somewhere before and chances are it was on TV. What could this magical, holy land of TV production possibly be? Chances are, it’s Vancouver, British Columbia!

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Top Five Creatures From 2013

Hello my slimy followers, how was your 2013? I apologize for being a slacker the last couple weeks with the holidays and only consistently bringing you this amazing creature column on the weekends, I realized it is not nearly enough to satiate your need for Lilith posts. This week I decided with the start of the New Year it would be a good time to reflect back and discuss my favorite creatures from the year 2013. I am sure that there are many creatures I missed since there is only so much time in the year for me to indulge in new books, movies, and TV shows, so I apologize ahead of time to all those of you that want me to write about Pacific Rim, Riddick, or Wolverine, I haven’t gotten to see them yet. But read on for the monsters I loved the most this year so far.


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The Weekly Skitter Report: Brazil

HELLLLLLOOOOOO STONEHENGE!!!!  Oops, sorry, wrong show.  HELLLLOOOOOO EVIL GEEKS!  That’s more like it.  Well, it’s been kind of a slow season for Falling Skies this year; the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston and things kind of hit a wall narrative-wise.  To me it seemed like the story wasn’t moving at brisk pace as it has in the past.  However, even though the 2nd Mass wasn’t on the road fighting for a place of their own, there was still the sense that something bigger was coming.  Surely they wouldn’t let the audience down, would they?  Well… they wouldn’t!  Lot’s of big happenings went down in this finale, so let’s get recapping, shall we?!?!

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The Weekly Skitter Report: Journey to Xilbalba

Fear not, Evil Geeks, for the heavens hold no terrors horrifying enough to stay Brotherhood’s hand from wielding the literary sword that is The Weekly Skitter Report!  Last week I was griping about the overall pace of this season.  To me it seemed like there was a whole lot of place setting going on, with zero payoff story wise.  Charleston seemed to be to the writing staff, what Waterloo was to Napoleon.  The plot was going nowhere fast, so with only two episodes left to go in season 3, I was keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of finally getting some sweet story action.  Would the humans and the Volm finally strike at the heart of the Espheni war machine? Would Journey to Xibalba be the episode that rockets the story forward?  Could I actually be the only person to keep referring to this episode as “Journey to Sebulba?”  So many questions need answering before this season wraps up!

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The Weekly Skitter Report: The Pickett Line

Good morning Evil Geekites!  C-Mart’s really dropping the ball this week on getting out the Falling Skies review, but wait no longer because the Weekly Skitter Report is finally upon us!  When we last left former President Tom Mason, he was about to exclaim “Aw f%#%!” after being surrounded then subsequently captured by an Espheni patrol.  Tom also racked up some bonus parenting points when he sent his sons out alone to their next rendezvous point while he went back to help out the hillbillies who previously robbed them.  How’d that play work out for you, Tommy boy?

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