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Look For Lilith At The Big Wow! Comic Fest This Weekend

Remember last year’s amazing Big Wow! cosplay pictures? Well get ready for more! Lilith will be at the event this weekend in San Jose, CA- you too could be part of the Evil Geeks Lair if your sporting some amazing cosplay. See you there! And yes, I too will be sporting my cosplay, maybe some of you will recognize me?



Villain Spotlight: The Evil Geeks (Part 2: The Evil Geeks Triumphant)


If you haven’t read Part 1 of our sordid tale, click the button below to find out how our villainous cabal has assembled.


The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks: They all sat in their thrones made of iron and bone and wood. He let them sit in silence for a little before getting up, and striding towards the head of the room. His empty throne now just a mass of bones made into suitable chair, jutting out and forming a seat fit for the king of the underworld.  He loved that chair, and hoped they would like theirs as well. He had tailored them to suit them perfectly. C-Mart’s leather and black, comfortable and appealing. Big Evil’s wooden and straight backed, perfect for quick escapes and fast movements. Kang’s a mass of metal and wires, each connecting him to a worldwide network of information and power. Biff’s was a 1920’s era automobile seat converted with a canopy to provide constant shadows over his features and body. Lilith was made of the earth, vines and leaves that kept the planet alive. Her wolves sitting by her feet, ready to tear open any who would oppose her. Greekimus sat in a throne of steel and twisted metal, made massive to fit his metallic shell, and keep him alive should his suit fail.  We did not need anyone to say that they were uncomfortable. “Let’s get started then shall we?” Arthur proposed.” I have heard rumors that you were told to find me, the One of the Black, thinking that I may help you in bringing this world back to where it belongs. In the hands of the people, and in the hands of those who would do anything and everything to keep it safe. You have been lied to. We are not trying to save this world anymore. There is no possible way to do that. He has already caused too much destruction and decay to this planet, and the only way to save it, is to stop it from getting worse. You all know what must happen, and you all know what we need to do.”

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Villain Spotlight: The Evil Geeks (Part 1: Evil Geeks Assemble!)


    The world has ended. Fire and acid rain down from the sky in a deluge of misery and fear. The masses huddle in fear and paranoia as men and women in brightly colored uniforms descend upon them with untold wrath. Smashing. Destroying. Laser beams and bullets riddle the landscape as people flock to half gone shelters where there may still be some semblance of hope left. They will find none, and there will be none. In days long past, we would look to these people for comfort and for protection. Heroes they called themselves. We knew better. We always knew better. Give a person the keys to the kingdom, and it is only a matter of time before they become corrupted. We warned them. We pleaded with them to put an end to their madness once and for all. They didn’t listen. They couldn’t listen. Their lives were so entwined with these demigods that they just could not fathom a world without them. Now they pray for it. We offered them salvation, and they threw it right back into our faces. We never wanted this. We wanted a world where a person is free to make their own choices. Where a person can walk outside and not fear red hot laser death or a savage pummeling by some muscle bound brute with nothing better to do. How do you stop such madness? How do you stop such unbridled power and corruption? There is only one way. We must summon them. In days where heroes are evil, the villains play the role of savior, and we need the best we can find. The only ones we can find. The best we never knew. We needed….The Geeks!

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