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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Formics

Last week we discussed The Ood, a phenomenal alien species from the Who Universe, but it got me thinking about more “hive minded” alien species. And what better example than the classic “bugger” species known as “The Formics”? So today we will venture in to the mind and times of Ender Wiggin and discussed The Formic species for our creature comforts spotlight.


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Evil Movie Review: Ender’s Game (Counterpoint Edition)

Evil Geeks Ender’s Game reviews have been done to death, you say? Just who the hell do you think you are, buddy?  You’ve got an awful lot of nerve talking to me like that… now you’re gonna sit there and read this whole article and ENJOY it, just to see what a different take Arthur Harkness had from Lilith Assisi’s. – The Editor.


Why hello there my little kiddies! The time has come once again for your boy, Arthur, to go to the movies in a bid to crush out the deafening misery that is general existence. Shit, that sounded a bit more depressing than originally intended. Anyways, this week I was able to make it to the local Emerald cinema just in time to catch the latest book to movie adventure blasting its way onto my movie screen, Ender’s Game. I went into this with pretty high hopes as everyone who is familiar with the book has told me it is a great read, so I thought I would try the movie first since it looked pretty good and go to the book later. Well, not all things go as originally planned…..

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Evil Movie Reviews: Ender’s Game


Hello evil geeks, it’s time for me to follow up on something I promised you all. The movie Ender’s Game was released this past Friday, and as I promised several months ago I was there to see it opening weekend. I suggested the novel version to you sci-fi lovers a couple months ago, as I finally picked it up this summer and was blown away. I had heard about it via the trailer playing when I went to see the latest Star Trek movie. Naturally I was super psyched for the movie, but there have been some interesting developments since I last told you about this book. Warning: continuing forward will expose you to potential spoilers and my philosophical rants.

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Ender Saga


I don’t know about you, but when I splurge to see a movie that seems worth my $12+ in the theater, I look forward to seeing the previews just as much as the main attraction. I remember when I was in undergrad I almost had a heart attack when the first Lord of the Rings trailer came on to the screen, how I had crazy palpitations of anticipation when the Star Wars prequel trailers first aired themselves while I was in high school, and how I nearly soiled myself when I saw the trailer revealing that Indiana Jones was making a comeback. Regardless of how the actual movie turns out, the trailers try to get you hooked, to make you loose your breath, to have you go home and watch that trailer over and over as you quiver with eagerness.

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