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Evil Geek Book Report – Daredevil: End of Days……Or is It?


Alright guys, time for something completely out of my normal territory, but still just as awesome. I normally don’t do too may comic reviews, but for some reason, I have been obsessed with Daredevil: End of Days recently. Like to the point of constantly bombarding the other geeks with texts regarding and stating MAPONE!! Keep reading, and you’ll find out what Mapone is, but not all the way. So let’s get to this sumbitch right here, and lay down some good old fashioned judgment on something I love. Also, take some time out of your day to read some stuff from our newest poster Lillith. I have given her some duties in my departments, and she has been a machine as of late. I know you all love my posts, but don’t worry, I’ll be back to those very soon, and we have some sweet, sweet new stuff in the pipeline for you guys. Let’s just say that more than just villains exists, and there are things prowling the night that are not human, and come from your nightmares. That’s all I’ll say. For now though, let’s dive into the splendor that is Daredevil: End of Days.

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Cover Of The Day 7/14/13


In honor of the recently released trade for Daredevil: End Of Days, I thought we’d take the time to highlight this cover. It comes from the very first issue of the series and was originally slated to be the cover of the trade but switched at the last minute to the cover of issue #8. The subject matter (obviously) makes it stand out, but it’s hyper realistic art by one of the Daredevil greats Alex Maleev is what solidifies it as our choice for today’s Cover Of The Day. I haven’t read the series yet, but It’s only a matter of time now. I need closure on Matt Murdock’s life and with the creative team involved on this there’s no way it won’t go down as important chapter Daredevil’s fabled career.

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July Trade Paperback Recommendations

I don’t buy a lot of new single issue comics. To me it doesn’t make any sense to go buy 1 comic for 5 individual series that I will read in 10 minutes than forget what happened by the time the next issue is released. God forbid if it’s delayed too. I prefer to buy trades if I can, that way I feel like I accomplished something when I’m through. I can also get a whole storyline at once and perhaps even an ending/closure. I might be everything that’s wrong with the modern day comic industry.

With all that said, I probably keep an eye out on Amazon for trades that are being released more than most people. The month of July has some excellent releases on the docket that I’m looking forward to and you should too.

Saga Vol. 2

Release Date: July 2

Collects Issues #7-12


Saga has been one of the most critically acclaimed and interesting new series. In Vol. 1 we are introduced to Marko and Alana, two star crossed lovers on opposite sides of a galactic war. When they bear a child it forces them to go on the run and become fugitives. The book is populated with endlessly imaginative characters and landscapes. In general terms it would be considered Sci-Fi but it’s so much more than that. It’s a story of desperation, but ultimately of hope. Vol. 1 ended with them being able to escape the planet they were stranded on and head to outer space. Shit is going to get intergalactic in Vol. 2.

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