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Roundtable Discussion On The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Martian Luthor Kang and Biff Tannen got together via email to dissect the newly released Amazing Spider-Man 2. Their transcript has now been released…

Biff: My immediate fears going into this movie were largely the same problems I walked away with. It’s too long, there are too many characters and so much of it seems like set up for future installments and spin offs. The Sinister Six launching point scene towards the end felt so unnatural. However, it makes me wonder if we lived in pre internet world if I would have felt different? I knew about these “problems” going into the movie, so it’s hard to say that they didn’t inform how I felt.

Can you imagine if they did keep the Mary Jane scenes that were originally filmed? I mean they went on record with saying they cut them because the movie was already too chuck full of characters.

Kang: Actually, I was half-expecting them to have secretly snuck a scene with MJ in as a mid-credits Easter Egg or something. That “Face it, Tiger” moment wouldn’t have been a total surprise, except for the fairly maudlin tone of the ending. I agree that the movie already had a lot of characters in it, but it could certainly have been pulled off.


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