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Pulp Corner: The Disney Afternoon

Growing up as a child of the late 80’s/early 90’s my household was living in a George Lucas haze. My older brother and I couldn’t get enough Star Wars and Indiana Jones. In my mind heroes didn’t come much greater than Henry Jones Jr.

So when I started to think about what kind of pulp sensibility infiltrated my brain at such a young age it only made sense that I linked it to Indiana Jones. That movie series intentionally had all the hallmarks of what pulp is and what it does. I just left it at that for a long time believing that to be the only catalyst for my love of the genre. It wasn’t until the other day though that that all that changed.

Come back in time with me to 1990, will you?


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Ducktales… Coming back to a console near you!

Good Morning Evil Geeks!


Yesterday at PAX East Capcom announced that it will be releasing a remastered edition of the ever popular NES game Ducktales! The game is a beautiful remake of the original with a few new features including a money bin that you can actually swim in. Fans of The Brotherhood know that we are all Ducktales fanatics and talked about it at length this winter in our now famous Last Exit to Duckburg podcast.

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Ep 006 – Last Exit To Duckburg!

Good Morning Internet!


On today’s episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair, the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks talks up one of the biggest cartoons of the 80’s: the globe-trotting, Disney Adventure Series Duck Tales! On the latest episode we talk Gyro Gearloose as an early hipster, Launchpad McQuack as an Indiana Jones knock-off, and discuss Doofus’ true intentions!  We’ll have Mrs. Beakley bring you a latte while you take a relaxing dip in Scrooge’s Money Bin with the Evil Geeks!  This episode is brought to you by future summer block-buster “Duckworth Unchained” hitting Evil Theaters in Summer 2014!
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