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Evil Geek Book Report – Superior Spider-Man #1

Everyone hold still… he lost a contact.

A few weeks back, Marvel made headlines (although not as many as these events have in the past) when they more or less killed off everyone’s favorite webhead in Amazing Spider-Man 700.  Some of the world’s finest minds (and one of its sexiest) have discussed this at length. This week we enter a new era in the saga of your friendly neighborhood webslinger as Peter Parker jumps into action as the Superior Spider-Man.  Now, if you’re not familiar with the new status quo of the book, I’ll give a brief recap:  A rapidly deteriorating Doctor Octopus, hours from dying, pulled a Freaky Friday on Spider-Man. Doc Ock had Spidey’s body, along with all of his memories up until that point and vice versa. Now,  Spider-Man was not able to reverse the swap in time, and as he lay dying in the good doctor’s withered husk, he forced Doc to remember the many events that made Peter the noble hero he is today. Doctor Octopus, in a surprising turn, decided that he would pick up where Spider-Man left off , using his remarkable intellect and new found lust for life to be a better hero than his former nemesis ever was.

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Ep 002 – The Amazing Spider-Cast!

What better way to close out 2012 than with a brand spankin’ new episode of The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Podcast!  Last night we gathered around the big table in the main hall of the Evil Lair with some special guests to discuss the controversial Amazing Spider-Man #700 by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.  We discuss the the events of the issue, where we think Slott will take Spidey next and get disturbed by visions of Aunt May and Otto Octavius’ senior citizen sex-life.  So kick back, relax and say good bye to 2012…and apparently to Peter Parker.

You can check out the episode here: 

Here’s a few pics that we reference in the podcast –

This is the pic that Biff dubbed the worst panel ever (C-Mart disagrees!):


And here’s proof that The Avengers have ID cards:


Hope you enjoy the episode and hope you all have a fantastic and Evil New Year’s!  See you soon with an all new episode!

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