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Building Your Own Lightsaber on a Budget!

Happy Monday Evil Geeks!

To commemorate Star Wars day, we’ve got a guest post for you from our friend Haggis from Haggisandtoast. Anyway, looks like he’s found a way for you to become a badass Sith Lord on a budget…check it out!

With Episode VII on the way this holiday I really wanted to get into the spirit of things with a new lightsaber, unfortunately I am broke and have no knowledge in regards to electronics. As such I went to various cosplay sites and eventually tracked down the potential for Lowe’s to be the birthplace of a weapon for a more civilized age.

Here you will see all the parts collected, a pop up sink drain, some brass pipe, various washers and gaskets, and a sink hole cover.


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You Don’t Need The Wayne’s Fortune To Build Your Own Batmobile

The internet is full of such insane and awesome things that it’s really easy to become jaded. However, every once in a while a fan will send us something that was hand made DIY project and we get a chance to “geek out” all over again. This one comes to us via reader Dan for a Cub Scouts pinewood derby car him and his son made together. Of course being The Evil Geeks that we are we’re no stranger to Batmobiles, this one in particular looking like  a combination between the 1989 movie Batmobile as well as the one from the early 90’s animated series.


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