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Ep 192 – The Animated Show: Return to Duckburg!

Hey there, Evil Geeks! We have an absolute Duck-blur of a show for you today since it marks not only the return of The Animated Show, but also we’re talking all things Duck Tales! You may have hear our first Duckburg based podcast waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy back in Episode 6 of this podcast, which was all about the original Duck Tales. Today’s gabfest is all about the brand spanking new version of Duck Tales which just premiered on Disney XD last week. It’s Big Evil and Greekimus Prime are joined by C-Mart, Undies of Wondy, and Grand Master Zed to talk about the second coming of one of their favorite toons of all time!

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Spotlight: Ultimate Spider-Man Season One

I found out something over the last year or two that I never realized, I like Spider-Man. As a kid I was never drawn to him, but something has connected me with him in my adult life. I’m not sure what that says about me as a not quite 30 year old man or hell what it says about my childhood. One thing I did get behind back then was Fox’s Spider-Man cartoon from the 1990’s. Awhile back I revisited the entire series and I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised how well it held up.

This lead me to investigate and wade through the streams of Spidey related cartoons that were created after Fox’s ended. I decided to go with the most current cartoon, Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s still airing (season 2 as of the writing of this article) and season 1 was on Netflix. I’ve heard good enough things about it, plus there were Lego sets. What more did they need to sway me?


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