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Ep 192 – The Animated Show: Return to Duckburg!

Hey there, Evil Geeks! We have an absolute Duck-blur of a show for you today since it marks not only the return of The Animated Show, but also we’re talking all things Duck Tales! You may have hear our first Duckburg based podcast waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy back in Episode 6 of this podcast, which was all about the original Duck Tales. Today’s gabfest is all about the brand spanking new version of Duck Tales which just premiered on Disney XD last week. It’s Big Evil and Greekimus Prime are joined by C-Mart, Undies of Wondy, and Grand Master Zed to talk about the second coming of one of their favorite toons of all time!

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Who Review – The Day of the Doctor

Happy Doctor Who Day Evil Geeks!  It’s finally here, the day all Whovians have been eagerly anticipating, the day of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor! The Tenth and the Eleventh, Tennant, Smith, Hurt, the Bad Wolf and the Impossible Girl, all together for the first time ever!  Seriously, if you told me a year ago that we’d be doing this today, I’d never have believed you.  An episode this epic just didn’t seem possible, yet here we are.  Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to catch some of the BBC’s coverage, which has been an absolute Whovian’s dream over the past few days; culminating with Friday night’s premiere of “An Adventure Through Time and Space” the story of the real life drama behind the origins of the Doctor Who TV show, the season 7 marathon and ending finally with the jewel in the crown that is The Day of the Doctor.  Will it live up to the hype? Let’s find out shall we? GERONIMO!!!

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Villain Spotlight: The Master

the master 3

Guys, the time has finally arrived. Normally, this is where I would shower you all with affection and thank you for stopping by to check out your favorite villainous escapades, which you can catch almost every Friday on this site conveniently placed on the internet for easy viewing, but we have important business to attend to. Next week, finally marks the premier of the long awaited and highly anticipated 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!! I’m not sure if you guys understand how important this is. How many shows do you know of that have gone on for this long? Seriously, not that many. It’s a wonder in its own right that any show could last that long in general, let alone still be so popular and essentially have a huge resurgence over the past near 10 years. It’s insane to say the least. Speaking of insane though, like previously mentioned, we have some business to attend to, and that is villain business. When you think of Doctor Who, most of the time you think Daleks, Cybermen, Racnoss, Silurians, Sontarans, and the myriad of other races and species he has come into contact with over the years, but in my opinion, the one that is the most dangerous, is the one who hits close to home. Timelords and Timeladies, I proudly present to you this week’s Villain Spotlight…..The Master!

master 2


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Two New Trailers for The Day of the Doctor are Here!!!

What’s up Nerds!

Doctor Who
With ony a couple of weeks until the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the BBC has released two new trailers for the much anticipated anniversary special.

The Day of the Doctor stars Matt Smith and David Tennant as The Doctor. Along with them are their companions Clara and Rose played by Jenna Coleman and Billie Piper and also includes John Hurt as another version of The Doctor that the 11th seems very afraid of.

Check out the trailers now!

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Horror of Horrors: Fright Night

Good day to you all out there in my kingdom of monstrosities and abominations. I know you have missed me and have been wondering where this week’s Suggestions column is, which to be honest, is still in Montreal as I was up in the northland all weekend. Between dodging random cars on the street, to almost pulling an 18 year old kid out of his car and nearly throwing him into oncoming traffic, it was a very entertaining weekend. Word of advice to people out there…Arthur does not suffer fools who are looking to make a name for themselves by being assholes and almost killing someone. Regardless, that is not what you came for this week. You came for the sweet taste of blood and gore, and I have a pretty decent selection for you all this week. It may not be the best, but if you look at it the way I do, it’s actually not too bad. Mainly because of one man, who you all know I love. Platonically… I know he would never respond to my advances. Shall we? Of course we shall. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your blankets and hide under the covers because this…is Fright Night!

fright night title

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown….Awwww Mannn…It’s On!

Morning Nerds!

As we are getting closer and closer to the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who the BBC has released new promotional images for the Anniversary Special titled The Day of the Doctor. The 75 minute special is set to air on Saturday, November 23rd and I for one have the whole weekend blocked out to Who-out!

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