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Zombie Round Up: The Cell

Ok folks, this week I’ve got a special post for you just in time for the next episode. Why special? Well, you know my reviews always come speckled with spoilers. This week it will come speckled with politics as well. You have been warned. Move on if you don’t want to hear my politic opinion and how it related to TWD, but I promise to not get too deep or angry.


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Zombie Round Up: The Next World

I was still reeling from the previous week’s episode and could not WAIT to see what was in store for Alexandria after that epic zombie slaughter fest. This week’s episode probably had a lot of pressure to perform following that masterpiece, and while there was a lot less zombie killing, it did not disappoint. Here’s Lilith’s highly anticipated weekly review of the continued trials and tribulations for the survivors of Alexandria.


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Zombie Round Up: Always Accountable

Another week with a lot of flack out there about TWD suddenly being boring or dull, but I was actually ok with this week’s episodes. Granted we only really got to see three of the major characters develop this week, but there were also several glimpses of what is to come in the future of the show. Here’s my take on this week’s episode 6.


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