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The Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown: Our Dads Can Beat Up Your Dads Edition

Happy Father’s Day Evil Geeks! Dad’s come in all shapes and sizes. Geek culture is certainly in no short supply of classic father figures, whether good, bad or ugly, we got ’em all. It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Top 5 list so we thought what better time to do one than Father’s day? Consider this our tribute to all the nerd father’s out there.


5.) Norman Osborn


Genius, world class dick, criminally insane and a super villain, it would be difficult to keep Norman Osborn off this list. Well, Normy was never anyone’s notion of an ideal dad but he did pass his ridiculously strange hairline to his son Harry. Yes, Norman should have been a “better” dad, but in a very Hemingway-esque moment his wife died giving birth. That’s enough to resent your kid and lash out against him, right? It’s not, but I find Norman’s story to be an interesting one. If anything you can trace it back to his father, Ambrose the brilliant alcoholic who lost their family’s company and was down right abusive to them. Norman’s staying power within the Marvel U is no surprise, as he’s one of the most misunderstood, derided, twisted and fascinating characters. We just can’t seem to get enough of him.

If banging your son’s friend and spawning children, only to try kill her in a very public way (with Spidey inadvertently delivering the death blow) to cover up your secret and also traumatize your arch nemesis doesn’t scream dad of the year than I don’t know what does.


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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Search Your Feelings

In my time off from villainy, I’m a noted patron of the arts. And I’ve seen the spark of creativity in the eyes of two my fellow members of this Brotherhood, Messrs. Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness. I’ve begun commissioning works of art which I shall display in our extensive gallery (and here on this site).   The catch?  I’ll commission a work on the same topic from each of them. Once I’ve received both pieces I’ll run them through a machine of my own design: The Collabotron 2600. The Collabtron will pull the finest points from both of the drawings and merge them into one perfect piece of art.

What will soon follow  is the first of these glorious productions.

Last week I provided these starving artists with a meal, a shilling, and an assignment:  Draw the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker revelation scene from The Empire Strikes Back.  Great minds think alike and able hands must also draw alike, because within 20 minutes I received these two masterpieces.


Naturally, both artists chose “ballpoint on  sideways looseleaf” as the medium for this work.

The top selection, masterfully drawn by Biff Tannen, really sings to the pacifist in me. Father and son turned against one another in a senseless war.  Notice the dispassionate expression on the younger Skywalker’s face.

Conversely, Arthur Harkness’ submission truly captures the remorse that Vader immediately felt after severing his son’s hand. One could lose oneself in the sadness within those eyes.

So different in their moods, yet so very much the same in their composition. I found it curious that both of our masters chose to include captions in their illustrations, but that nuance did not go unappreciated.

And now, for the piece de resistance:

vader collaboration

The Collabotron chose Arthur’s Sad Vader and Biff’s confused Luke with goatee.

It belongs in a museum!

Come back for more fine art, you’ve got a season pass to the Evil Geeks Art Gallery.

Comic Book Panel Of The Day

Good Morning Internet!

On this fine Tuesday I have for you another panel of the day! Todays panel comes to us from the brand new Star Wars #1 that my main man Kang reviewed for us the other day. This panel shows Vader being berated by Palpatine because of his defeat at Yavin Four.

20 Bucks says that Darth wasn't even listening to the old man yell.

20 Bucks says that Darth wasn’t even listening to the old man yell.

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The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Top Five Thunderdome Throwdown

Three Evil Geeks enter!!! Then three leave again when we’re done… Sorry, we’re more of the cartoonish evil types, not really the blood-thirsty evil types.  Think Cobra Commander, not Carnage.

Happy October to all Brothers and Sisters in Evil Geekland!  We’re popping in today to bring you the first edition of our new monthly feature: The Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown!!!  Every month each of our contributors will bring you their top 5 favorites in any random category.  It could be our 5 favorite crappy comic movies, 5 favorite action figures, 5 favorite NES games, or pretty much anything else that pops into our Evil minds.  We’re even open for suggestions, so if you’ve got a top five you’d like to see, then let us know in the Comments section.  We’d love to hear your opinions too, so let us know your top five choices for this month in the comments as well!

Since October is clearly our favorite month, as it contains Halloween which is the most evil and geeky of all the holidays, we thought we’d start off by having the Evil Geeks list off their top favorite villains from any genre.  Any person/place/thing that has done some pretty raw stuff to another person/place/thing ever in any medium is up for grabs in this Big Bad Free-For-All!  Ready for our first Evil list down?!  Here we go!

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